Texpatriate endorses in District A runoff

When this board first examined District A in October, we split 2-2 on who would be the best choice in the election for the voters and constituents of the district. What we were unanimous on, however, was that Councilmember Helena Brown needed to be replaced. Accordingly, this board endorses Brenda Stardig for District A.

As we wrote last month, District A holds a special place in our hearts, as a majority of Texpatriate‘s contributors have, at one time, represented the area on the Houston Mayor’s Youth Council. During this time, we saw the District in the capable and competent hands of then-Councilmember Brenda Stardig, who held the post from 2010 to 2012.

Ms Stardig is the type of Republican that others throughout the country should aspire to be more like. She is business friendly, opposes needless regulations, but –most of all– is willing to work with others to craft pragmatic solutions to the City’s problems. This was most evident during her short spell on the Council, when she worked with the Houston Association of Realtors to mitigate opposition to the controversial Historic Preservation Ordinance.

There was also the controversial “drainage tax.” A much needed program designed to assuage flooding and runoff problems, the vote was a hard one for Stardig in the nominally conservative District A. When the proposed ordinance went before voters, a majority of her constituents voted against the measure, and it was no small factor in the reason she was defeated for re-election. But this board sees such a vote as an asset to her resolve, as her “profile in courage,” if you will. Doing what is right often does not align with what is popular. If only more politicians would behave themselves like Ms Stardig, our country would be in a much better place.

And, as we have said before, Councilmember Brown’s quixotic vision of government (or lack thereof) is ultimately most pernicious to her constituents. From our October editorial:

“Councilmember Brown, since taking office, has become a household name in the absurdities of politics. She routinely casts symbolic ‘no’ votes on otherwise mundane and uncontroversial spending measures, as a way to vent anger against the existence of a non-minimal government,. This board believes that such positions are ultimately detrimental to the constituents of District A, who now lack an advocate on the City Council for their interests.”

District A deserves better. They deserve Brenda Stardig for a long delayed, but much earned, second term.

The Texpatriate Editorial Board is comprised of Olivia Arena of Austin, George Bailey & Noah M. Horwitz of Boston and Andrew Scott Romo of New Orleans.

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