Hoang vs. Vo

The Houston Chronicle reports that Al Hoang, the two term member of the Houston City Council recently defeated by political newcomer Richard Nguyen, will be continuing his political career in a new way: running for the Texas House. Hoang will reportedly challenge incumbent Hubert Vo, a Democrat and the only Vietnamese-American member of the legislature, in District 149. Hoang, an ostensibly moderate Republican (he endorsed Mayor Parker), is waging much more of a partisan campaign this time.

Interestingly, some made veiled accusations that it was Vo and associates of his who originally propped up Nguyen to run against Hoang. However, this makes little sense. Nguyen mentioned in his interview with us that he is a Republican, and for rather unapologetic conservative rationale (…because I believe strongly in the US Constitution). Even Morris’ article notes that Hoang received some negative publicity for supporting deescalation with Vietnam.

Hoang, when questioned by Morris, mentioned infrastructure and education as priorities in any future political service, but also focused heavily on the abortion issue. Hoang described himself as unequivocally pro-life anti-choice, specifically because of his Christian (Catholic) faith.

Vo’s district is very Democratic. The fact that he was re-elected in 2010 tells me that a loss on his part is nearly impossible in the future unless he personally screws up badly. Even as President Obama continues along the lines of Bush’s second term, actively trying to be a complete failure as a President, I do not think that it would hurt someone as secure as Vo.

Failed District F politicians have a history, after all, of running for –and losing– seats in the State Legislature. Hoang’s predecessor on the City Council, MJ Khan, term-limited and fresh off of a failed bid for City Controller, ran last year in the newly configured District 137. He lost –badly– against Democrat Gene Wu. Most likely, Hoang will suffer the same fate.

2 thoughts on “Hoang vs. Vo

  1. Houston voters from HD-149 will get to choose between the two Vietnamese American politicians Al Hoang (R) and Hubert Vo (D).

    Hubert Vo is a real Vietnamese American politician while Al Hoang wears both coats of a Vietnamese and Vietnamese American politician.

    Texas Local Politics Should Not Be Stepping Stone For Al Hoang (Hoàng Duy Hùng)’s Political Ambitions In Vietnam


  2. Hoang is staging a political comeback. Hoang is currently a pariah of the local Vietnamese political scene. Everybody’s current perception of Hoang is negative. May be Hoang needs a mea culpa and make nice with the local Vietnamese before jumping in to another unsucessful political venture.

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