District I troubles

Among the many City Council races that have descended into runoff elections, District I has arguably received the least press of any contest, certainly the least of the open races. The Houston Chronicle recently ran two pieces, one on who former candidates in District D were endorsing in the runoff, and the other on ongoing legal dispute in At-large 3. Coverage of District I seems few and far between.

That is not to say nothing has been happening in this race; in fact, far from it. Recently, former candidate Ben Mendez endorsed Robert Gallegos in the runoff. Additionally, the Harris County Young Democrats, originally Mendez supporters, endorsed Gallegos. While it is certainly helpful to have the assistance of any former candidates, Mendez has a long history of doing especially strange things, including allegedly making low personal attacks against another candidate and defending child-rapists. Gallegos should tread lightly in receiving his support.

Additionally, the remaining candidate in the runoff election, Graciana Garces, has penned published a confrontational letter against Gallegos. In [T]he letter (which is reprinted in its entirety at the link),  she accuses Gallegos of intentionally misrepresenting himself as a family member and favorite son of Mario Gallegos, the former State Senator for the region.

Mario Gallegos passed away a little over a year ago, and his widow and other family have remained somewhat active in local politics since that time. They endorsed State Representative Carol Alvarado earlier this year when she ran to succeed Mario Gallegos. Alvarado, however, was defeated by former County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia.

As an interesting parallel, Garces is supported by the incumbent City Councilmember James Rodriguez, who was both Alvarado’s successor on the Council and her former Chief of Staff. Both Alvarado and Mario Gallegos’ family also supported Garces. Meanwhile, Sylvia Garcia has actively been supporting Robert Gallegos.

Garcia won that election, which means if the community comes to similar conclusions this time around, Robert Gallegos will be the one in City Hall next year.

UPDATE: Garces’ letter was not written by her, it was written by Mario Gallegos’ family members themselves.

14 thoughts on “District I troubles

  1. Actually, the precincts in District I went strongly for Carol Alvarado in the SD 6 race. And the family of Sen. Gallegos wrote the letter, not Graci.

  2. A few clarifications: Graci Garces did not write the letter that was released today. The family of Sen. Gallegos penned and signed the letter.

    It should also be noted that Senator Garcia did not win District I in the SD6 election.

  3. It is DISGUSTING that Graci and her supporters would say that Robert would deny his deceased parents to be part of another family is just downright sad and desperate on Graci’s part.

  4. What is DISGUSTING Steven, is that FOUR members of the late Senator Gallegos family felt the need to clarify this because there is a NEED to clarify this. This isn’t a situation made up by the Garces campaign. This is a reply to things made up by the sad and desperate Gallegos campaign.

    • This is a very, very poor way for Graci to demonstrate she is qualified for City Council. This is DISGUSTING! Graci needs to publicly apologize to Robert for disrespecting his deceased parents.

  5. This is a very, very poor way for Graci to demonstrate she is qualified for City Council. This is DISGUSTING! Graci needs to publicly apologize to Robert for disrespecting his deceased parents.

  6. I just checked Robert’s Facebook page and there is a post that says he is part of the “Joaquin Gallegos” family. So, Graci did attack his deceased parents. That is down right nasty on her part.

  7. I lived and voted in district I for years,i used to work james rodriguez like a college intern on a 55 hour aweek assignment,because carol Alvarado refused to meet with me so she always sent cos james out,anyways=I didn’t want ben men in the run off because he didn’t live in I=I could not have my voters vote for Leticia because she lied to me,if she would not have lied to me,then she would be in the run off today,now then=I got 400 votes to throw in this run off in I,solid,gracie moved in the district to run,its by design,gallegos is being pushed by Sylvia and I am not the biggest Sylvia fan,maybe I will have my 400 voters undervote the district and just vote city wide.joshua ben bullard

  8. The District I race was split four ways, so it is very difficult for anyone to argue a last name made a difference here. Carol Alvarado ran on the family name and she lost; my second proof point that the last name did not make a difference. I agree with everyone; it is disappointing that someone wanting to represent me, Graci, would attack the deceased parents of her opponent by saying he would deny them to be part of another family. Everyone knows Robert and he has never said he is part of that family. Graci should be ashamed of herself and Robert should demand a public apology from her. Graci will lose the run off over this continued negative, unprofessional behavior.

  9. I think it is in very poor taste for Graci to do something like this. Shame on Graci! I feel badly for Robert that Graci has attacked his deceased parents and his heritage. Shame on Graci!

  10. One more time…. The four relatives of the late Senator felt it necessary to pen this letter. They felt it necessary due to things that were actually happening with the Gallegos campaign. The feigned indignation by the Gallegos supporters, another fit in a long line of fits of bitterness and entitlement and other bad attitudes that have defined Robert’s “fired up” campaign workers, rings nothing but hollow.

    • Graci needs to hire a political consultant — quick! She is running a horrible campaign, and to drum something up like this shows she is not fit for City Council. People are outraged at this, and I can guarantee you that she just lost this election. What kind of people attack the deceased!?!?

  11. Robert should have made it clear from the start that he was not related but he said nothing. . For him to try to gain, he is the one that should be ashamed. He disk his parents, not other people.

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