Chronicle runoff endorsements

Over the past few days, the Houston Chronicle has offered up its endorsements in each of the five runoff elections. In At-large #2, District A and District I, the paper’s original selections (David Robinson, Brenda Stardig and Graciana Garces, respectively) advanced into runoffs. However, in At-large #3 and District D, the paper’s original selections (Rogene Calvert and Anthony Robinson) did not advance. Accordingly, much like Texpatriate has been doing, it has revisited these races to select another candidate.

First, the Chronicle endorsed frontrunner Dwight Boykins in District D. The editorial lauded his strong ties within the district, as well as his ‘second chance program,’ which aims to alleviate both unemployment and crime by putting former (non-violent) convicts back to work for the City within the District. The rationale was similar to what the Texpatriate Editorial Board said not too long ago, when we endorsed Boykins.

The editorial also gave a favorable shout-out to Boykins’ opponent, Georgia Provost, writing that she would make a decent Councilmeber. What was not mentioned, however, were some of Provost’s recent –and rather distasteful– ads and campaign tactics.

Next, the Chronicle endorsed Michael Kubosh in At-large position #3. As the astute will recall, the four Democrats in the race split the vote so severely that not one advanced into the runoff election. Kubosh will face Roy Morales, a perennial candidate who once won an election after running unopposed, in the runoff election for At-large #3.

The editorial praised Kubosh’s “striking compassion for the poor” and a remarkable change in tactics over the course of his campaign. While the Kubosh of years past, so the article goes, may have been too disputatious and truculent (similar to Helena Brown) to effectively serve on the City Council, his tune has largely moderated as he has become more willing to work with others.

“I’m not going to be someone who is going to showboat.I’m not just a ‘no’ vote,” Kubosh told the Chronicle. The editorial also referenced some novel ideas by Kubosh on water infrastructure and municipal court reform, though offered few specifics. Considering that Kubosh, a bondsman, makes his living off of the courts, color me skeptical of his plans pertaining to them.

Additionally, the editorial board pulled no punches in its critique of Morales. Long ago, Dos Centavos reported that Morales (in one of his countless unsuccessful campaigns) compared immigrants to Al-Qaeda. Evidently, the Chronicle brought this up when interviewing Morales and he responded with an odd, confusing reply about knowing privileged details as a result of his time in the military. “Yes, I know a lot of things, and yes, I can’t say things,” was the quote of Morales’ that the Chronicle printed. Make of it what you will, but I tend to agree that it is not what we are looking for in a municipal officeholder.

“That sort of self-aggrandizing secrecy belongs in spy novels, not at City Hall,” the editorial board wrote.

Off the Kuff has more on both the District D and At-large #3 endorsements.

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