Horwitz on moving to Austin

At the risk of appearing excessively cold to a significant transition in my life, I will delve into greater detail about what Sophia mentioned in passing in her video last night: I am moving to Austin in January and will transfer colleges to the University of Texas at Austin. The two of us penned a press release on this matter as well, which I have attached below.

Moving to the State Capital, I plan on taking full advantage of my repatriating into the middle of the political landscape. We are working on some big projects that I think will help to expand our visibility and broaden our readership. Additionally, we are looking at hiring more Staff Writers–though nothing is for certain at this point. Like I have said before, more details will be figured out and announced in the coming days and weeks.

Additionally, a serendipitous consequence of my relocation to Austin will be a much closer proximity to Houston. Rest assured, I will continue covering City Hall politics and local primaries with great alacrity. I will have my car with me, which means I can take my infamous “capricious trips” back home whenever the need arises without additionally financial penalty, unlike now when I must purchase airline tickets months in advance. I doubt I will actually return home more than I historically have been recently (roughly once a month), but I believe I will be able to more strategically choose when I come home, so that I may maximize the effectiveness of my visits.

Sophia Arena, Texpatriate
Texpatriate founder Noah M. Horwitz to relocate to Austin
BOSTON––The founder of a well respected and renowned political blog, Noah M. Horwitz, will be moving to Austin this upcoming January. Horwitz, who founded and continues to serve as an Editorial Board member and contributor for Texpatriate <www.texpate.com>, has lived in Boston since the autumn of 2012, when he enrolled as an undergraduate at Brandeis University.
In addition to his relocation, Horwitz will resume his collegiate education at the University of Texas at Austin, where he will continue to study Government.
“I have been honored to study here at Brandeis,” Horwitz said. “However, I believe that my time would be better spent back in Texas –specifically her capital– given all the professional opportunities that may arise there. I also look forward to bringing Texpatriate to new and exciting places.”
Horwitz delineated some of those new and exciting features, which he said will include daily recaps of the Governor’s campaign as well as a feature to provide a one-stop source for all news and opinions about Texas politics. “We will also look into hiring new Staff Writers,” Horwitz said.
Sophia Arena is Horwitz’s deputy and the de facto head of operations in Houston. “It’s great for Texpatriate that [Horwitz] is moving back to Texas and can have a more active role in Texas politics,” she said.  “It will also be nice to have him in attendance with me at events.”
For now, Horwitz finish out the semester in Boston. He is planning to return –permanently– to Texas onDecember 20th and, following a brief holiday sojourn in Houston, plans to move to Austin a few weeks into the new year.
The name of the blog, Texpatriate, is a play on ‘Texas’ and ‘expatriate.’ Despite Horwitz’s repatriating himself, the blog will retain its name, as two other Editorial Board members will still reside outside of the State, and Horwitz (as well as the fourth Editorial Board member) will still be expatriates of Houston.

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  1. Welcome back, Noah.

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