Democrats battle incompetence in race for DA

After the incumbent District Attorney, Mike Anderson, passed away this last August, Harris County began preparing for a Special Election in November 2014 to fill the remaining two years of his term. In the interim, Mike Anderson’s widow, Devon Anderson (hereafter, “Anderson”), was appointed by Governor Perry to fill the vacancy.

Anderson, a former Judge, will be running for re-election, though one should probably expect a challenger in the Republican primary. Meanwhile, the Democrats already have a good candidate announced: Kim Ogg. She is from a prolific political family, has extended expertise in both law & criminal justice (former director of Crime Stoppers) and will make a great candidate who stands a good chance of winning the election. Contrary to public opinion, the DA should not simply be the high executioner who shows no mercy, it is a position about justice and equity. In other words, perfect for a progressive person such as Ogg.

But these are the Democrats we are talking about, which naturally means adding a tablespoon of incompetence. Since we are talking about the Harris County Democrats in specific, probably two tablespoons to be safe. And I do not mean the leadership of the County Party, I mean the people who show up and vote in the primaries.

Last year, the Democrats had a wonderfully qualified attorney running in the primary for District Attorney named Zach Fertitta. Despite being unanimously supported by the Democratic establishment and raising a great deal of money, he got trounced in the primary by a perennial candidate named Lloyd Wayne Oliver. Having run in the past as both a Democrat and a Republican, the only thing Oliver had going for him was his name recognition. He offered no specifics and would have been a truly terrifying District Attorney.

Since the Democrats nominated, as my friend Charles Kuffner put it, “a potted plant” last year, Democrats jumped ship from him in droves and either undervoted or supported Mike Anderson, as I did. As such, the District Attorney contest was not even competitive as pretty much the only individuals voting for Oliver were straight ticket voters.

Now, my friend David Jones has informed me that Lloyd Wayne Oliver will run for District Attorney once more, though at press time he has not officially filed (unlike Ogg). Accordingly, the Democrats must battle the incompetence and stupidity that is so odiously pervasive in the party. It must prevent another political travesty from unfolding. Given how poorly the party did in regards to the At-large #3 election, I’m sure not holding my breath.

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