Texpatriate endorses in At-large #3 runoff

There were countless candidates for City office this year; so many, in fact, that many began to blend together and become utterly unmemorable. Agree with him or not, Michael Kubosh has never been one of those candidates.

Love him or hate him, Mr Kubosh has always brought an inimitable zeal to local politics that we would be hard-pressed to find in any other recent candidate. As the Houston Chronicle recently wrote about him (when they endorsed him), he has a “striking compassion” for the marginalized and disenfranchised. Recently, this was most evident when he helped to lead the charge against a vile ordinance that prohibited dispersing food to homeless Houstonians. On other issues such as Red-Light cameras, Mr Kubosh has fought at the forefront of both pubic consciousness and common sense, both of which our politicians seem to ignore on a daily basis.

This board supports Mr Kubosh, though, with some serious reservations. Among these are his continued ambivalence and obfuscation on the topic of a non-discrimination ordinance protecting LGBT Houstonians. Such a noxious position is unbecoming of an ethical and moral public servant. We hope that Mr Kubosh will come down on the side of liberty and justice on this issue.

On other issues such as the recent Wage Theft ordinance, this board has been pleased to see Mr Kubosh be more supportive. The unabashed support of one of Mayor Parker’s crowning achievements should put to rest the inane contention that Mr Kubosh would be a refractory obstructionist on the City Council (similar to Councilmember Helena Brown). In recent comments published by the Houston Chronicle, Mr Kubosh explicitly noted he would not simply be “a no vote.” Further, in an extended one-on-one interview with Noah M. Horwitz earlier this year, Mr Kubosh went into detail about how he planned upon building consensuses and bridgess –not burning them– during his time at City Hall.

Of course, we can only take Mr Kubosh at his word that he will be open to compromise and flexible decisions. Accordingly, we offer this endorsement with the aforementioned assumption and condition as well.

Roy Morales, a perennial candidate who once won an unopposed election to serve on the School Board (he spent his entire term running for other offices), will be Mr Kubosh’s only opponent in next month’s runoff election. Given that he is our only other option, this board’s decision is all the easier.

Mr Morales has a history of bizarre and reactionary statements, including an assertion that immigrants are sleeper agents sent by terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda. When recently asked by the Chronicle to elaborate on these absurd conjectures, he referenced his extended career in the military and prevaricated the question on the basis of national security. As the paper later rightly pointed out, “That sort of self-aggrandizing secrecy belongs in spy novels, not at City Hall.”

Additionally, Mr Morales plays dirty in his campaigns. Over the past few days, Mr Morales has embarked on a crusade to de-legitimize his opponent by any means necessary. This included filing a frivolous lawsuit against Mr Kubosh, seeking a temporary restraining order to kick him off the ballot.

The Judge in that case summarily rejected Mr Morales’ desperate campaign, which is exactly what the voters should do as well. This board unanimously endorses Michael Kubosh for the Houston City Council At-large position #3 runoff election.

The Texpatriate Editorial Board is comprised of Olivia Arena of Austin, George Bailey & Noah M. Horwitz of Boston and Andrew Scott Romo of New Orleans.

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