Cruz Control

“Texas is on ‘Cruz Control.’ Ted Cruz is the epitome of everything that’s wrong with Washington, and John Cornyn is along for the ride. He’s on autopilot, voting the way Ted Cruz wants him to…If Texas stays on ‘Cruz Control,’ we’re headed for a wreck.”

I encourage you to watch the full video. It is rather well-done, though its extended length makes it harder to use as an advertisement and may turn off some lazy people. Maxey Scherr, of course, is a Democrat running for the US Senate. She faces at least four challengers in next March’s primary, in what is shaping up to be the cycle’s most competitive Democratic contest. But from what I have seen in this ad, I think it would be a safe bet to say that Scherr is frontrunner.

The Dallas Morning News covered the ad in some detail as well. The ad features a black SUV plastered with images of Cruz and Cornyn being crashed (well, not really; read the Morning News article) into a tree and then towed around the State. The metaphor is apt, that Texas on ‘Cruz Control’ will certainly lead to a wreck.

Scherr then continues narrating and delineates exactly what she would do in office. First and foremost, she says, would be fighting to raise the minimum wage to $10 an hour. I am not sure what the stats on a double-digit floor would be, but Gallup asked back in March how American voters felt about raising the minimum wage from its current $7.25 to $9. 70% of Americans, including a slight majority of Republicans, backed the change. While it is true that Gallup has historically been REALLY UNRELIABLE, the results are so slanted that it is a safe bet nonetheless to believe this is a popular issue.

She threw a few bones to Conservatives with lines such as “fix Obamacare” and “cut wasteful spending,” but doubled down on supporting things like job training and public schools, while noting that she would not be willing to scrap the entire healthcare reform package.

On issues such as same-sex marriage, Scherr touted her unequivocal support (even using the politically correct descriptor of ‘marriage equality’) while also using some obfuscatory language to support the Employee Non-Discrimination Act and note that she is pro-choice.

All in all, the ad should be red meat to Democratic Primary voters. I have no doubt that the nay-sayers who have flawlessly led the Texas Democrats’ two-decade losing streak will have some choice words about the ad, saying things like that it is too strong or progressive to win in Texas. Say what you will, but I would much prefer a candidate like this than another “Mr. I-am-not-a-Liberal.” If you have an election between a real Conservative and a faux Conservative, the real one will always win. Tony Sanchez, Chris Bell, Bill White, Paul Sadler, need I go on?

Democrats are not messing around this cycle. We have three liberal women (Wendy Davis, Leticia Van de Putte and Maxey Scherr) at the top of the ticket, none of whom appear ready to back down.

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