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I’d like to apologize for some inactivity recently, I have two finals and a 18 page paper due on Monday, so my blogging has had to take a little bit of a backseat. Anyways, with just two more days left in filing, there is a lot news to report upon both Statewide and at the Harris County level with the introduction of new candidates.

Most notably, the Dallas Morning News reports that Kesha Rogers will throw her tinfoil hat into the ring and seek the Democratic nomination for US Senator. Rogers, who has twice been the nominee for Congress in Sugar Land’s 22nd Congressional District, is a member of the Lyndon LaRouche political sect cult. This organization has little cohesive or consistent message besides revering LaRouche in a cult of personality. This organization is not really reminiscent of the Democratic Party in any way, spouting utterly nonsensical and conspiratorial views. Even the Morning News article notes of Rogers, “As an acolyte of perennial presidential fringe candidate Lyndon LaRouche, she believes the U.S. economy is secretly controlled by a cabal of London financial institutions.”

Also included in the Senate slates are Harry Kim, a dentist out of Odessa. I can’t really find much information one way or another on him. Brains & Eggs also counts Roman McAllen,  local architect, among the Senatorial candidates (though he has yet to file).

The contest for Railroad Commissioner also got more competitive this week, as Dale Henry announced he would once again seek the post. Henry was the Democratic nominee for Railroad Commission in both 2006 and 2012, as well as running unsuccessfully in the Democratic primary for the position in 2008. However, Henry actually served as a Republican officeholder in the past (County Commissioner) and first ran for the Railroad Commission as a Republican. He will face off against Stephen Brown, former Chairman of the Fort Bend Democratic Party, in the primary.

In other County news, an attorney named Azuwuike Okorafor filed to run against Alma Allen in the Democratic primary. The astute will recall that, early last year, when City Councilmember Wanda Adams challenged Allen in the primary, Adams got her clock cleaned. Accordingly, I cannot imagine Allen being in much jeopardy.

Last, but certainly not least, an individual named Ahmad Hassan will run for County Judge as a Democrat. As Charles Kuffner notes, Hassan is a former Republican who has previously run against Sheila Jackson Lee for Congress. Additionally, he has run for this post twice before, losing the primaries to David Minceberg and Gordon Quan, respectively. This year, the Democrats have no other candidates, making Hassan’s candidacy all the more disappointing.

And for a shameless plug, once more, I should mention that my father, James Horwitz, officially filed for Harris County Probate Judge #4. It looks like he will unopposed in the primary, so I cannot imagine much news coming the way of this race, but my point from his City Council campaign stands, I will recuse myself from any and all coverage of the race.

Off the Kuff has much more.

4 thoughts on “More filings

  1. So you think 80,000 voters are members of a cult? That’s pretty dumb to insult to your neighbors like that. They obviously knew who they were voting for because the Fort Bend(over) Democrats were screaming bloody murder about her call for impeaching Obama. Maybe she was actually ahead of her time, since most Americans disapprove of Obama these days, for his drone killing, NSA spying, Obamacare failure, and executive decrees. But really, your proof of “weird conspiracies” is Wikipedia, a third party source that anyone can edit?

    • “cult” was The Washington Post’s words, not mine.
      Barney Frank, of course, declared they were from another planet.

      As for LaRouche’s little political brigade, which I see you work for, my problems with it hail much less from the issues you mention. Rather, the fact that it promulgates conspiracy theories is my biggest objection.

      Is Obamacare doing poorly? Yes. But that does not mean it is a nefarious nazi-plot to exterminate us. Is Wall Street operating to the detriment of the average American? Yes. But that does not mean it is run by an evil cartel of British banksters or the Elders of Zion.

      • You made the WP’s words yours by using them. Rating a person’s right to health care by how much they cost to society IS a crime that Nazi doctors were guilty of at their 1946 trials, and that IS what the “cost-effectiveness” of Quality Adjusted Life Years metrics does in the ACA’s Independent Payment Advisory Board. As for Wall Street, when 27 “too big to fail” banks control upwards of 60% of the global money supply, and their crony politicians (like Obama) argue we must cut a few millions out of food stamps and our space program to give $85 billion per month for their worthless derivatives, that sure sounds like an evil cartel to me. In the City of London a nexus of this activity? Yep. As for the Elders of Zion, you just made that up. Stop defending the powerful criminals who are killing our nation. Help us restore the Glass-Steagall Act, and create a national economy oriented around real scientific progress.

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