Robinson to serve on Crime Lab board

The Houston Chronicle reports that Anthony Robinson, a former City Council candidate, has been appointed by Mayor Parker and confirmed by the City Council to serve on the city’s Crime Lab oversight board. Robinson, as some might recall, was falsely convicted of rape many years ago and spent over a decade in prison before proving his innocence and ultimately being exonerated and pardoned by then-Governor George W. Bush.

Parker said of Robinson, upon his confirmation, “He’s going to be an even better board member because he has skills as an attorney and his being very familiar with the criminal justice system. And community contacts and ties, as well.” He will specifically serve on the board of Houston Forensic Science LGC, Inc., a government-run corporation recently created independent of the Houston Police Department amidst charges of ineffectiveness and incompetence.

In speaking to Jayme Fraser, Robinson said of his appointment, “I see that there are many pitfalls in the prosecutions of inadequately or inappropriately presented cases. Such a failure cannot be allowed to be bolstered by flawed forensics.” Noting the unique nature of his experiences, he continued: “I am very sensitive to the errors made by the defense bar in the use, misuse, or failure to properly use forensics, particular when the evidence is presented (or not presented) by the state. Science is objective when properly performed and utilized.”

The astute will remember that I personally endorsed Anthony Robinson for his campaign last month for the City Council, as did both my father than the Houston Chronicle. He is a good man who will, no doubt, will be an indefatigable advocate for justice in the future.

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