Houston Press picks up Twitter tantrum story

As many may remember (the article got a lot of views), I broke the news late Wednesday that Councilmember James Rodriguez, after getting hammered in the Houston Chronicle, went on an epic Twitter temper tantrum, in which he made disparaging comments towards both the Mayor and Lisa Falkenberg, as well as especially vitriolic remarks towards another Chronicle writer, Jose Ortiz.

I noted all of these tweets, and wrote a post about it, providing photographic evidence. Councilmember Rodriguez responded by hurling repeated personal attacks against me and my family (as well as, at least once more, towards Ortiz). I may have egged him a little bit, but he was incessant in trying to belittle both me and my family in an extend that was wholly uncalled for. The news must have gotten around, because before I knew it, the Houston Press was interviewing me about the incident. Hair Balls wrote up a full incident report on the subject, complete with the screenshots I sent to them.

Astute followers of my Twitter feed will be familiar with Luis Fayad, who often replies to my posts. He was actually my boss the first year I worked at City Hall, but now appears to be a full-time Twitter troll. He made a rather lascivious post about Rodriguez, to which the Councilmember acknowledged and replied to with a painfully unoriginal retort.


The article closed with a wonderfully spot-on, “we are left with an excellent example of how not to handle yourself on Twitter, if you happen to be a politician.” Well said, Hair Balls. This behavior was completely unacceptable and unbecoming of a public servant.

This reminds of the kid who was fairly well-liked in High School, who flips the bird to the entire class two days before Graduation whilst telling them to collectively screw themselves. Councilmember Rodriguez had a remarkably levelheaded tenure on the City Council, and often worked well with others to achieve noble goals. Now that he is term limited, it is a shame it has to end like this.

2 thoughts on “Houston Press picks up Twitter tantrum story

  1. Very glad for the attention this is getting. Rodriguez’s insults were uncalled for, but at least the silver lining is that more people are discovering that Texpatriate is a great resource for Texas Politics.

  2. you gotta love it when noah says “the press must have got wind of it”man noah we all know you chuncking the relay to the front door as fast as it came in

    i get the feeling the press room at the houstonpress are familar with=noah

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