It’s 2014, not 2015…

…but that has not stopped pundits from prognosticating as if it were.

The Houston Chronicle reports that posturing for the 2015 Mayoral election has already begun. Among the candidates mentioned are State Representative Sylvester Turner (who previously ran in both 1991 and 2003) and former Congressman Chris Bell (who ran in 2001). The article insinuates both have declared intentions to run, though this is the first I have heard of any of it. The article also mentions Councilmembers Stephen Costello (who evidently has announced intentions himself), Ed Gonzalez and Oliver Pennington as all looking at the race.

Names the Chronicle left off include former Councilmember Sue Lovell, Sheriff Adrian Garcia and Eric Dick. The last one in particular has the capacity to play the role of a major spoiler in the election and could ultimately determine whether someone such as Costello could even get into the runoff in the first place. There are also those who will probably not be running, such as Ben Hall or now-former City Councilmember James Rodriguez, City Controller Ronald Green and Councilmember C.O. Bradford.

At a certain point, all of this posturing is somewhat ridiculous. The one thing that is missing from this list is at least a second woman. Lovell is the only woman on the list of possible candidates, and her candidacy is not a forgone conclusion by any case whatsoever.

However, 2015 is still an entire year away. We have over a dozen Statewide elections to focus on, as well as some rather competitive local races. Accordingly, I would not be surprised if this is our last 2015 post for a while.

Brains & Eggs has more.

3 thoughts on “It’s 2014, not 2015…

  1. Bell and SYlvester have been out camapigning for months behind the scene and Bell even piad for a poll by PCC on his and others chances in 2015. Everyone you list was listed in the poll with the exception of Eric Dick..who nobody thinks is a serious candidate. Of course you assertion about Sue Lovell is also off the mark as she has been telling people for months she wants to succeed Parker and she is included in the PPP poll. SHould be interesting with the COstello camp thinking they can lift Parker people in mass to their side….doubtful at best but no matter, he would need to spend a ton of money even to become known. Amazing how totally off the radar most of these folks are – even current electeds. Says something about the awareness of the electorate.

  2. That blog post is a joke (not a haha one either). I think it was written by Carroll Robinson — or someone who wants to sleep with him.

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