The Houston (new) Post

The thing about blogs is that it provides a poor snapshot of what truly goes on any particular day. I am typically very generous about linking news stories or other blogs that write about similar stories as myself or other members of the Texpatriate. Despite this, I have seen more and more people over the past few months who now appear to visit Texpatriate as a source for actual, hard news. I am not really a journalist, though I do see a future where there are some real journalists who write for Texpatriate.

Until that point, however, I see two distinct ways to move forward. First, I could work to write in a more neutral, objective point of view. While I have certainly tried to lessen any annoying habits pertaining to excessive partisan rants, I realize that it is just not in my blood to omit my personal opinions from conversation. Accordingly, the second option is to create a new program that gets the news across in a condensed, straightforward way, while preserving the commentary on the site. We have decided to call this program “The Houston New Post,” with an eye towards the old newspaper owned by the Hobby family. Such a throwback is a common feature in the local media; after all, the altweekly “Houston Press” is a reference to a Scripps-Howards paper of yesteryear that once employed Walter Cronkite.

The Post, otherwise known as “THNP,” will (for now) contain a straightforward headline and easy summation of the biggest news around the State in any one day, with a particular focus on Houston. We will always list the author of the article and the publication it originally appeared in, and will only reprint the first two paragraphs or so, just enough to catch the reader’s attention. One will then be directed to the link of the original article.

If this pilot program is successful, we will expand it to include a fairly unique editorial and opinion section, as well as more original reporting. Eventually, we would like to give access to the full article by offering subscriptions, a fraction of which would obviously go to all the publications. But that will be a conversation for a future day. For now, give us some feedback on the first issue of THNP.
~Noah M. Horwitz

Click the link below!

THNP 1-7-14

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