Wendy Davis endorses Alameel

The Dallas Morning News reports that Wendy Davis, the State Senator and presumptive Democratic nominee for Governor, has endorsed dentist and businessman David Alameel in his bid for the US Senate Democratic primary. Alameel, a mulch-millionaire, ran for Congress last year in a largely self-funded campaign. As I noted when he first announced his candidacy, he holds (or held) some rather unconventional positions on issues, specifically in perpetuating the mindless conspiracy theories about some sort of evil cartel who controls the Federal Reserve.

In her endorsement, Davis touted Alameel’s business skills as well as his positions on education and protecting the elderly. No mention of abortion –or any social issue, for that matter– was present in the endorsement. The announcement immediately drew the ire of the Democratic establishment, who have been thus far quite tepid about Alameel’s candidacy. In the past, he has donated heavily to many Republican candidates including, fittingly, John Cornyn himself.

Then there is the question of how effective a candidate Alameel may be. In 2012, he spent $4.5M of his own money for only about 2,000 votes. That is over $2k per vote, meaning he would have to spend in the billions to have a shot at winning the general election at a similar pace. The Dallas Morning News, in a separate article, explains this in greater detail.

I have even heard a rumor from a reliable source that Alameel is not a pro-choice candidate, or at least did not run as such in the Congressional race. This all begs the question of why Wendy Davis would endorse him. The way I see it, there are two feasible explanations.

First, Alameel is the only major candidate from the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Davis could easily see the upside to endorsing a favorite son of her home region, and it adds to the likelihood that she personally knows him and is impressed by what he does. The second option –which I find more realistic– is that Alameel, simply on account of his largess, has been crowned prince by Davis. That view of politics, while perhaps extremely cynical, is usually accurate. Make of it what you will.

Personally, I am leaning towards both Michael Fjetland and Maxey Scherr. While Scherr released a commercial last month tying Cornyn to Ted Cruz, which I loved, I fear she may be focusing on the wrong Senator a little too much, and giving him more street cred with the right-wing in the process. Fjetland, on the other hand, looks to be the most likely to broaden the appeal of the Democrats past its base. However, this is what has been said countless times before, with candidates who usually do not break the 40% mark.

Brains & Eggs, Off the Kuff and The Houston New Post have more.

4 thoughts on “Wendy Davis endorses Alameel

  1. Leaving aside Alameel’s positions on anything, this seems to me a rather fool hardy gesture on Davis’ part. It is always wise, in my opinion, to stay out of other races and concentrate on your own. Perhaps she expects him to contribute to her campaign. (I’m unsure whether this is allowable.) She certainly can use the money.

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