Judge Pratt gets new complaints

The Houston Chronicle reports that local attorney Greg Enos has lodged yet another complaint against the controversial Judge Denise Pratt. This time, the controversy revolves around her recent decision to dismiss dozens upon dozens of cases. Specifically, she dismissed a ton of classes involving lawyers who publicly criticized or opposed her in a previous complaint over alleged corruption.

Judge Pratt, a Republican who represents a Family District Court in Harris County, was accused of this most recent impropriety since she unilaterally dismissed cases without a prior hearing on the issue, in apparent violation of the rules of Civil Procedure. Additionally, she has allegedly dismissed some of these cases after being involuntarily recused therefrom. These issues could very easily lead to the empaneling of a new grand jury against Judge Pratt. Previously, a grand jury empaneled to investigate corruption allegations against her no-billed the Judge.

In response to these allegations, representatives of the Judge’s office have blamed the recent dismissals on a new e-file system. However, as the Chronicle noted, the Harris County DA’s office and District Clerk’s office have confirmed this new system would not be responsible –or related in any way–for a dismissal.

Greg Enos, mainly may recall, is a high-profile attorney who is active in Democratic Party politics. He both spearheaded the effort to remove now-former Judge Christopher Dupuy in Galveston as well as started the efforts in October to remove Judge Pratt from office.

Judge Pratt, despite receiving a few slate endorsements from the Republican establishment, has certainly gained her fare share of opposition from within the party. David Jennings at Big Jolly Politics, most notably, has made an example out of Judge Pratt, even demanding her resignation. She has drawn four challengers in the GOP primary, let’s see how it works out.

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