Texpatriate is looking for new members!

Editorial note: We have copied and pasted our flyer –which is currently being distributed throughout the 40 acres– onto this blog post.

Texpatriate is looking for three new members of its team here in Austin! We are a TPA political blog that, over the last year-and-a-half, has been establishing ourselves in Houston politics. Since that time, we have become a serious voice in covering events at City Hall and the horserace of Municipal and Mayoral elections.

We are a group of college students, some of which live outside of the State. In fact, the word “Texpatriate” comes as a portmanteau of “Texas” and “expatriate.” We don’t pick our favorites in elections and ignore the candidates that aren’t media darlings. We don’t give anyone a pass if they do something deserving of a rebuke. We always conduct ourselves with professionalism and only cover professional stories. And, most important, we are never predictable.

Now we want to bring this same idea to the State Capital. Noah M. Horwitz, the founder of this blog, has even moved to Austin and transferred to UT in order to personally oversee this rebirth of the blog.

We are looking for an Editorial Assistant to begin attending social/political events on behalf of the organization, manage the blog’s Instagram account and create “Week in Review” videos every Sunday, which are short (3-5 minutes) videos that sum up all the pertinent political news of the week.

We are looking for an ‘Austin writer’ to focus on local political news coming out of both the Travis County Courthouse and Austin City Hall. Specifically, as the new district Council elections are approaching, we want to have someone in the field covering these developments.

We are looking for a ‘Republican writer,’ so to speak, to cover these upcoming Republican primaries. The current members of the Texpatriate team in Austin are partisan Democrats, and we are looking for someone with an amicable relationship towards statewide Republicans and their campaign staff.

If you are interested, please contact us. We are not so much interested in resumes and references as we are in simply meeting any individual who would be interested in working with us. We would love the opportunity to broaden our team.

If interested, contact Olivia Arena or Noah M. Horwitz at (617) 807-0830.
Alternatively, email us through “Arena@texpate.com” or “Horwitz@texpate.com

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