Texpatriate’s Questions for Ken Cope

Editorial note: This is the twelfth in our series of electronic interviews with candidates in contested primaries at both the Statewide level and throughout Harris County. We have sent eight open-ended questions to each of the candidates. The following are verbatim copies of the questions sent out and the answers received.


Ken Cope, candidate in the Republican primary for the US Senate

Texpatriate: What is your name?
KC: Ken Cope

T: What office are you running for?
KC: U. S. Senator from Texas

T: What is your profession/occupation?
KC: Retired U. S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and Aerospace Executive

T: In just a few words, what does the office you are running for do and what are its responsibilities?
KC: It is one of 100 seats in the Senate, the upper house of the U.S. Congress. It provides “advise and consent” oversight to Presidential nominees for numerous positions and all foreign treaties. It reviews and approves appropriation bills generated in the House of Representatives. Lastly, it generates legislation that affects the operation of our government, economy, and country.

T: If you are running against an incumbent (primary or general), do you think the incumbent has failed? If so, why specifically?
KC: The incumbent, Senator John Cornyn, has failed in his leadership and representation of the citizens of Texas. He has voted eight times to increase the national debt. He has not only failed to unify the Republican caucus in the Senate, but has become a voice of divisiveness. He failed to defund Obamacare. He has too often told Texans that he would do one thing but then did another. Over 12 years, he has failed to present any solution to the national immigration problem and stood by while it has become a national security priority. Lastly, he has failed to lead by example in accepting more than $10 million in campaign funds over the last six years. This generates a perception of impropriety that an attorney and judge should be ashamed to represent.

T: What would be your three biggest priorities if elected?
KC: 1) Repeal Obamacare. 2) Eliminate the IRS in favor of a simpler and fairer tax structure. My plan is called the 503 IRS Elimination Plan 3) Reform Immigration.

T: What distinguishes you from your opponent(s)? Why should people specifically vote for you?
KC: Of all the candidates, including the incumbent, I am the candidate of solutions, with a proven reputation as a problem solver. My solutions can be found at http://www.CopeTexas.com. Additionally, I am the only candidate with the leadership experience and international business skills required in this office. As a man of conviction and passion, I am the only candidate who has signed a “Contract With Texas” to demonstrate serious commitment to my word.

T: What is the most important thing you have learned thus far in the campaign?
KC: That the power of money has corrupted our election process by limiting a candidate’s access to the voters.

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