Texpatriate’s Questions for David Alameel

Editorial note: This is the twenty-fourth in our series of electronic interviews with candidates in contested primaries at both the Statewide level and throughout Harris County. We have sent eight open-ended questions to each of the candidates. The following are verbatim copies of the questions sent out and the answers received.

David Alameel, candidate in the Democratic primary for the US Senate

Texpatriate: What is your name?
DA: David M Alameel

T: What office are you running for?
DA: United States Senate

T: What is your profession/occupation?
DA: Businessman

T: In just a few words, what does the office you are running for do and what are its responsibilities?
DA: As a United States Senator, my responsibility is to create good paying jobs, ensure a quality education for all children and protect Social Security and Medicare.

T: If you are running against an incumbent (primary or general), do you think the incumbent has failed? If so, why specifically?
DA: I’m running for the United States Senate because Washington Republicans like Senator John Cornyn have got to go. For too long, they have protected Wall Street corporations and the mega-rich who have rigged the system in their favor. Their unchecked greed have tanked our economy and cost us millions of jobs, destroyed seniors’ retirement savings and forced families
from their homes.

T: What would be your three biggest priorities if elected?
DA: Here’s what I will do as Senator:
1. I would begin by working to bring our troops home from Afghanistan and use the billions we are spending there to rebuild our economy here by raising the minimum wage, ensuring equal pay for equal work and creating good paying jobs here in Texas. We also need to stand up to Wall Street and corporations that ship our jobs to China and making
them pay their fair share of taxes.
2. We need to invest in quality education for all Texas children, not just the privileged few.
3. We need to protect Social Security and Medicare from any attempt to privatize or cut these vital programs.

T: What distinguishes you from your opponent(s)? Why should people specifically vote for you?
DA: While John Cornyn protects Wall Street and big corporations in Washington, I want to bring the troops home from Afghanistan and redirect the hundreds of billions we are spending there to rebuild America by investing in good jobs and a quality education for our children. While John Cornyn voted to end Medicare as we know it and privatize Social Security, I will always honor our promises to the seniors who have worked all their lives, paid into the system and deserve to retire with dignity.

T: What is the most important thing you have learned thus far in the campaign?
DA: As I’ve travelled throughout the state, it’s become clear that Washington politicians like John Cornyn aren’t working for hardworking Texans; they’re working for Wall Street instead. We need policies that benefit all American families.

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