Senate primary endorsements

At the end of the day, I suppose that the contest between candidates for the US Senate Democratic primary is a two-way race. Texpatriate is the only major political organization I am aware of that has supported Michael Fjetland’s bid for the nomination. Of course, we have stood alone among political groups before, even with candidates who are ultimately successful (just ask Councilmember Robert Gallegos), but statewide politics is a very different animal than a district Council race. It is literally impossible to blockwalk the second-largest State in the country and run a true grassroots campaign.

Therefore, we have a closer race between David Alameel & Maxey Scherr. Alameel, a dentist and businessman multi-millionaire from Dallas, has gotten much establishment support, as well as a high-profile endorsement from Wendy Davis. He has also been heavily defended by the Lone Star Project. However, he has been derided incessantly from the left for donating large sums to Republican officeholders (including Cornyn himself). Scherr, an attorney from El Paso, has much less money but is extremely popular with left-wing activists. Accordingly, it is interesting to note who is supporting who.

First up, those papers supporting Scherr. The San Antonio Express-News praised Scherr for her “impassioned arguments” without really taking aim at any other candidate. The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal is similarly conciliatory, while both mentioning Alameel’s troubling giving history and taking pot-shots at the Democrats in general.

Then, the papers supporting Alameel. The Houston Chronicle compliments Alameel’s story and his political positions, without even giving so much as a mention to his largess. I am actually proud of the local daily; typically, they employ so much convoluted circular-logic in their endorsements that I could have sworn Rehnquist himself had written them. The Forth Worth Star-Telegram also gives the nod to the good dentist, while lamenting the general quality of the candidates in general. The Beaumont Enterprise similar endorses him, but without any explanation.

Among the papers I could not find recommendations from at this time are The Dallas Morning News, the El Paso Times and the Austin American-Statesman. The former two are easy predictions, given the geographical origin of the two frontrunners (DMN for Alameel, EP Times for Scherr). The Statesman will be harder to figure out, so it is anyone’s guess.

Did I miss anything?

Off the Kuff has more.

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