Texpatriate endorses in DA primary

The election for Harris County District Attorney being held this fall should not be happening. Indeed, we just had an election for the post in 2012, wherein longtime prosecutor and Judge Mike Anderson, a Republican, was elected. Sadly, a few months later, Mike Anderson passed away after a battle with cancer. Governor Rick Perry, charged with filling vacancies in District offices, tapped Mike Anderson’s widow, Devon Anderson (another longtime prosecutor and Judge), as a successor to serve until the next election. She is running in this special election, and has not drawn any challengers in the Republican primary. The Democratic primary, however, has attracted two candidates. One, Kim Ogg, is a highly qualified and serious candidate with a great platform. The other is none of those things.

The daughter of longtime State Senator Jack Ogg, Kim Ogg is a former felony prosecutor who later became the executive director of CrimeStoppers. In that position, she presided over a drastic reduction in gang-related violence throughout the County. Ogg also has an impressive platform that has wowed us. From giving individual prosecutors more discretion to reversing the office’s asinine “trace-case” policy (in which individuals with trace amounts of cocaine are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law), she has demonstrated her competence on the campaign trail.

Indeed, even if Ogg had been facing other well-qualified candidates, we would have been amenable to her campaign. But Ogg is not facing another well-qualified and competent candidate, she is facing Lloyd Wayne Oliver. Readers might recall Oliver, a longtime perennial candidate, for defeating a more qualified candidate in this same primary two years prior. Oliver did nothing in the general election, simply using the nomination as a stunt to drum up business for his law practice, and the election was handed to the Republicans on a silver platter.

Oliver has no interest in being a serious candidate, and has even openly bragged about this fact. When Oliver does take an interest in actual issues, they are the wrong issues and with the wrong prescriptions. Just this morning, in a lengthy profile by the Texas Observer, Oliver dug into the charge of domestic abuse, and lambasted enforcement of the statute as largely excessive. He ludicrously stated that in many cases there was “no victim” if an indelible physical injury did not occur. Further, he continued  to recall this subject time and time again throughout the interview.

Accordingly, we endorse Kim Ogg in the Democratic primary for Harris County District Attorney.

The Texpatriate Editorial Board is comprised of Noah M. Horwitz & Olivia Arena of Austin, Sophia Arena of Houston, George Bailey of Boston and Andrew Scott Romo of New Orleans. Editorials represent the majority opinion of the board.

One thought on “Texpatriate endorses in DA primary

  1. While Ogg is certainly a better candidate than Oliver for the office, she is hardly qualified outside of that comparison. She was a felony prosecutor for a few years of her 7 years in the DA’s office, no big accomplishment. She was then appointed to a political position as gang task force leader where nothing she did had any impact, it was an appointment to allow her to run for office and garner favor. The same holds true with her appointment to the local Crime Stoppers chapter, no policy changes made by Ogg impacting the position where she was just a figurehead. She ran for numerous political spots over the years and failed to impress voters, no experience as a judge making her far less qualified than her Republican opponent, Devon Anderson.

    If the best she has going for her is the automatic refusal to prosecute drug cases with evidence of cocaine, she is going to be out of luck at the end of the year. Her motivational speechs about using law enforcement to fight cartels and big corporate crime fall short too when the truth is, the office of DA does not mandate how all those policing agencies enforce the law. Most of them, including the two biggest, HPD and HCSO, are so under staffed that we’re collectively lucky that are current gang problem isn’t much worse, no thanks to her efforts in the past. She never served in a policy making role in the DA’s office and never managed a large number of lawyers, she did not distinguish herself in the slightest in any of her positions to date…

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