I voted today

I drove into Houston this morning for a productive weekend to take care of some personal and professional business. Needless to say, one of the first things I did was to go to the West Gray Multiservice Center and fulfill my civic duty to vote. Regardless of what I may have said about the value of voting in the Republican Primary, I voted in the Democratic contest. I voted for the following candidates in contested races, which I have enumerated bellow the jump. Additionally, I cannot help but to note the good feeling I got out of voting for a fellow Horwitz for the second time in my life. My father, James Horwitz, is running unopposed for the Democratic nomination in County Probate Judge #4. These are only the races I personally voted in, and they may feature races Texpatriate has yet to field an official endorsement in.


US Senate: Michael Fjetland
US House (CD7): James Cargas
Governor: Wendy Davis
Agriculture Commissioner: Kinky Friedman
Railroad Commissioner: Stephen Brown
113th District Court: Steven Kirkland
246th District Court: Julia Maldonado
280th District Court: Barbara Stalder
308th District Court: Bruce Steffler
District Attorney: Kim Ogg
County Criminal Court #10: George Barnstone
County Clerk: Ann Bennett

2 thoughts on “I voted today

  1. Just a short note to welcome you home and to say thanks for voting. Also, thank you again for the endorsement and write up of Senator. Will be glad when this portion is over, but then we get to go against Ron Hale, which is a whole other ball of wax. I know the Senator is appreciative of the support of you and your board. The guy is a class act…..Just a note here, would you believe after going all day and night all the time, today is his daughter Whitney’s 32 birthday – yes the mother of his grandson. I tell you this because I can remember like yesterday in the midst of the first Senate campaign in 82 we were all on pins and needles waiting for Becki to have the kid….and hopefully calm JW down. Back then the primary was in May so we had a little over two months and the absolute calmness and serenity that came over him after Whitney came along was a sight to behold. 32 years later and so many good things have happened and his girls feel about him the same as you feel about your Dad and my friend Alex Steffler feels about his. There is something really magical about the pride of a father and at the same time the pride a kid feels for that Dad. Don’t take it for granted and savor it every minute you have. It is special and you never know when it may not be there for you. We don’t have another baby to look forward to to calm things down, but I’ll settle for a nice fat victory at the ballot box. Does wonders.

    Anyhow, welcome back to the big city. And now scare some damn voters up. this turnout is absolutely atrocious. Can’t win in November if we don’t put some firecrackers up more than a few butts.


  2. thank you Noah! I have had the opportunity to meet your dad along the campaign trail and he is great person!!

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