In re Cruz’s endorsements

The Associated Press reports that Senator Ted Cruz, the quintessential Tea Party darling, has pointedly refused to explicitly endorse John Cornyn for re-election, or any other Senator for that matter. Cornyn, of course, faces strong tea party blowback for allegedly being insufficiently conservative.  His half-dozen or so challengers in the Republican primary look as though they may force him into a runoff election, something Cornyn himself has even admitted has a reasonable chance of occurring.

The common denominator among many, if not most, of these candidates is that Cornyn has been disloyal to Cruz. They point to differing ideologues governing both the government shutdown and the debt ceiling showdown. Cornyn, as the number two Republican in the Senate, had to eventually be one of the grown-ups in the room on both occasions, and voted to both reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling. Neither or which were done with any preconditions, placing him squarely opposed to Cruz and in the cross-hairs of the Tea Party.

Oddly enough, Cruz’s comments consciously did not share any love for Congressman Steve Stockman –Cornyn’s biggest challenger– either. In fact, most respected Tea Party groups have publicly been distancing themselves from Stockman in recent days, many going as far as to “publicly disavow” him. Accordingly, it look like many individuals who otherwise have beefs with Cornyn would vote for him nonetheless in a hypothetical runoff mathcup against Stockman. This, even though many may have very well supported a third or fourth candidate –Dwayne Stovall, for example– in the preliminary primary.

I have never especially been a big fan of all the hubbub over elected officials’ endorsement. The sagacious followers of this publication will recall that I literally could not care less when Wendy Davis endorsed David Alameel, and seriously did not comprehend why others cared. However, for whatever reason, the other side of the aisle is in love with Ted Cruz. Actually, love is probably an understand. The Texas GOP’s primary electorate loves Ted Cruz more than a fat kid loves twinkies. Therefore, his endorsement –nay, just his positive mention– of a candidate is like gold in these primaries. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has a really good article on this subject.

People really should not be swayed by what some other person says if it does not include a detailed and thorough explanation. This is why our endorsements are always explained meticulously and in a lengthy manner. Politicians, never really known for talking on substance for any extended amount of time, are never the ones who explain their rationale. But I digress.

Perhaps the bigger issue is that so many people are still obsessed with and conciliatory towards Cruz. In the past, I would have thought it be an assumption that could go without saying that I am not really a fan of any of his antics, but maybe not. Greg Enos of The Mongoose recently referred to me as a “Republican blogger,” so I guess that means I need to tone up the left-wing partisanship.

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