2014 Primary liveblog

I will be updating this page all night with longform updates about the Election Night returns. Otherwise, follow me on twitter at @NmHorwitz for tidbits in smaller doses.

7:45 PM Central: My internet is too slow, so I will be signing off of wordpress and keeping you updating solely via my phone on Twitter. Follow me, @NmHorwitz!

7:35 Pm Central: The Harris County Dem Results are in. At this point, we will make projections. Texpatriate projects Wendy Davis will win the Governor Dem Primary, Alma Allen will win the HD131 Dem Primary, Carol Alvarado will win the

7:24 PM Central: Grumble is that Kim Ogg leads for DA, John Whitmire for State Senate, in Harris County Dem primary.

7:15 PM Central: There are not too many solid results in, just Early Voting that is sporadic. Dallas County and Tarrant County have submitted their GOP Primary results, but not Harris County (on either side). Within the former two counties, we have seen Dan Patrick hover around 50% in Lt Gov race. Stay tuned, this is really getting interesting!

7:02 PM Central: And polls have closed. No results yet, I will update as soon as I can!

6:57 PM Central: FIVE MORE MINUTES. Just for information, I should point out that I am not covering the local Travis County contests. Harris County and Statewides will be what I will be reporting on. That being said, the Republican State Rep contests in Cook, Eiland and Keffer’s districts will be touched upon throughout the night as well, as they have statewide implications in covering the bellwethers of Tea Party strength.

6:48 PM Central: I’ve joined my fellow Daily Texan staffers here, which is nice (not to be the only one under 30 in the room, obviously). As for the election, the Harris County Clerk recently announced that Republican primary results will be a little later than usual tonight. Given that Harris County is an entity already not known for being especially punctual, this could prove to be a big problem.

6:03 PM Central: I’ve set up at the Todd Staples watch party in downtown Austin. As far as I can tell, he is the only major Statewide candidate who is in the capital this evening. Dewhurst, Patrick and Patterson are all Houstonians, Greg Abbott is in San Antonio, David Alameel and Dan Branch are in Dallas, you get the point. In case you have not heard, a Travis County District Judge has ordered the capital county to extend voting time until 9PM, two hours later than the usual 7PM end time. However, as the Austin American-Statesman reminds us, the votes cast between 7 and 9 will be considered “provisional ballots,” thus not being tabulated in the unofficial results that are released on election night.

For the Statewide races (especially the Republican primary), the alteration will be negligible. However, for the plethora of contested races specifically in Travis County, this could pose some serious complications. Depending on how close these races end up being, the provisional vote total may have to be counted to determine the outcome of the election.

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