In re Jim Hogan

If your first question is “Who is Jim Hogan?,” then don’t worry, there is a website set up to address your concerns. Hogan is a rancher out of Cleburne (Johnson County), who despite not campaigning in the slightest finished first in the Democratic primary for Agriculture Commissioner and advanced into a runoff with Kinky Friedman.

Despite being the establishment candidate supported by the top brass of the Texas Democratic Party and Leticia Van de Putte, Hugh Fitzsimons finished in dead last in the primary. In fact, of Texas’ 254 counties, he only won a plurality in a single one (Dallas County, for what it is worth). Accordingly, purist Democrats are slowly going bonkers having to choose in between a no-name and someone who the Austin elite bears a pathological hatred towards. That being said, I encourage you to read the one liners from both Friedman and Hogan. As many may recall, Texpatriate could not agree on an endorsement in the preliminary primary, we split our ticket with both Fitzsimons and Friedman.


Here’s my obligatory map on the subject. Green counties are Hogan winners, Yellow are Friedman, Red is Hogan and blacked out is no primary. As you can see, there was truly no correlation between campaigning and results. Friedman did do particularly well in the hill country, which is his home. However, he won Travis County, which probably drive the aforementioned Austin elite crazy.

Liberty County voting for Friedman also surprised me, for sure. Just a few years ago, I recall my father telling me of a District Judge out there asking him if he was a “good ol’ Jew boy” right in the middle of open court. Though I suppose the Democratic Primary in that county is not representative of the general population anymore.

I will certainly be voting for Friedman in May, though I admittedly voted for him last month as well. Out of all the people who can sum up my position on the matter the best, I think fellow candidate Jim Hogan does it flawlessly.

“When I called Democrats and told them I was gonna be on the ticket first thing they said was, ‘How long you been in politics?’ I said, ‘I’m not no politician.’ They said, ‘Let me tell you something: It takes a lot of money to win a state race and you can’t win.’ I said, ‘Let me tell you something, y’all haven’t won since 1994,” Hogan said. He’s right.

Neither Friedman, Hogan nor any other Democrat is going to win Statewide in November. Accordingly, nominating someone like Friedman is absolutely the best idea for the Democrats. Is he thoroughly unqualified for the position? Sure. But would Democrats benefit in the long run for having a big personality on the ticket? Hell yeah!

2 thoughts on “In re Jim Hogan

  1. Kinky is the obvious choice. Hogan is a poser. I’m voting for Kinky again in May!

  2. I’ve been reading a few stories that quote Hogan as saying that he contacted both political parties in Johnson County Texas and they both turned him down, or discouraged him. I have confirmed with both the Johnson COunty Texas Republican and Democratic Party chairs that he is lying I was personally present when Hogan met with us. So, this I know first hand It seems that each interview seems to contain more and more shady information. I urge you all to confirm Hogan’s statements He is clearly allergic to the truth.

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