Patterson and Staples on the runoff

The Texas Tribune reports that the two losing candidates in the Republican primary for Lieutenant Governor, Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson and Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples, have some choice words about the fellow candidates who ascended into a runoff election. Both, of course, have previously stated that they are not fans of State Senator Dan Patrick (R-Harris County), the Tea Party firebrand who finished with a clear advantage in the preliminary election.

Staples said that he would not be endorsing anyone in the runoff, though his previous statements have surely been much more critical of Patrick than incumbent Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, who is in the runoff with Patrick. These comments come amid a shadow campaign that is in the works to compel Dewhurst to drop out ahead of a deadline tomorrow to remove one’s name from the runoff ballot. Similar efforts are afoot to get State Representative Dan Branch (R-Dallas County), the second place candidate in the Republican primary for Attorney General, to step aside. They have already been successful efforts dissuading State Representative Harvey Hilderbran (R-Kerr County), the second place candidate in the Republican primary for Comptroller, from continuing in the runoff election.

Patterson was far less kind and far less neutral. As many will surely recall, he was the individuals who promulgated the whole “Dan Patrick hires undocumented immigrants” thing, only after hiring a private investigator to tail Patrick and tons of opposition researchers to dig up dirt.

Patterson called Patrick “bad for Texas” and “bad for the Republican Party,” highlighting previous remarks made by the State Senator on both harsh immigration policy and asinine causes like repeal of the 17th Amendment (Direct Election of US Senators). He has gone on to say that he would vote for Patrick under no circumstances, including a general election, adding “I’ll vote Libertarian in November if I have to.”

In a Bud Kennedy column hot off the presses in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Patterson went one step further, calling Patrick a “lying sack of $**t,” specifically in regard to his immigration policies. Though Patterson has not officially backed Dewhurst, the choice he paints is crystal clear, to say the least.

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