Judge Pratt resigns

The Houston Chronicle reports that Denise Pratt, the Family District Judge in Harris County who brewed up no shortage of controversy over the past year, has resigned effective immediately and is suspending her campaign. Astute readers of this publication will remember that Pratt has undergone much scrutiny from myself and others for both allegedly backdating time-stamps in orders and unilaterally dismissing hundreds upon hundreds of ongoing cases. All of these have drew the ire of Greg Enos, a Galveston area attorney, who has lodged three complaints against Pratt that have been investigated by the District Attorney’s office (Editorial note: The last time we mentioned Enos, this publication was prominently featured in his newsletter, THE MONGOOSE, wherein it was described as a “Republican blog.” For the record, Texpatriate is a non-partisan publication, and the author of both the original post and this post, Noah M. Horwitz, is a registered Democrat).

Pratt’s website has now been reduced to simply a statement. In it, she wrote: “The relentless attacks by my political opponents have become a distraction to the work of the Court, and to the Republican Party in Harris County.  I cannot, in good conscience, allow it to continue. My goal has always been to serve the children and families of Harris County, but I won’t sacrifice my family’s well-being any longer to continue to serve as Judge.”

She had been running for re-election this year as well, and after drawing four challengers in the Republican primary had advanced into a runoff set for May with Alicia Franklin. State laws maintains that, unless a candidate has a change of heart in the eight days following the preliminary primary, dropping out does not remove a candidate’s name from the ballot. Accordingly, Pratt will still face off against Franklin on the May ballot.

Because this is a District –not County– office, the Governor will appoint a replacement to serve throughout the end of the year. In all likeliness, Franklin will be the pick of Governor Rick Perry. Jared Woodfill, the Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party, even noted in the pertinent Chronicle article that he wished for Perry to appoint Franklin. At that point, the campaign against the Democrat (Sherri Cothrun) will be all the easier, with Franklin putting out a plethora of signs that say “RE-ELECT JUDGE FRANKLIN” or some variation thereof.

My biggest question is to Greg Enos, who has once again proven himself as a force to be reckoned with, both on the bat and in the City. As many may remember, he was instrumental in the removal of Christopher Dupuy, a disturbed Judge on Galveston island. Well, Dupuy’s is gone and now Pratt is too. So who’s next? A call placed to Enos to answer that question was not returned as of press time.

Rhymes with Right has more.

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