Horwitz on Dog Laws

Via the Houston Chronicle. This op-ed contains many of the same quotes from Councilmember C.O. Bradford as my article last Wednesday, but with a very different theme. Simply put, it is about the exceptionalism of Houston’s governance, as compared to both Washington D.C. and Austin. As always, I hope you enjoy:

Regarding “Dog law” (Wednesday, Page B6), all sides agree that there is a great deal of good in the new ordinance. Among other things, it lowers the bar for authorities to deem a dog aggressive and cleans up some byzantine old regulations involving kennels. More impressive, though, is how City Council deliberated the contentious provisions of the ordinance. The debate last week best exemplifies what is right with Houston, specifically, how the council governs.

Under the ordinance approved 15-1 yesterday, BARC now may assume full ownership of your pet after six days if tagged, and after three if not. Previously, the limit was 30 days, though dogs could still be adopted out in the interim with the understanding that the previous owner could reclaim her or his pet. That shorter timeline drew ire in some quarters. Ultimately, it prompted Councilman C.O. Bradford to vote against the ordinance.


One thought on “Horwitz on Dog Laws

  1. Nicely written.

    Tim Bacon

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