Let’s talk about 2016

The transition from Boston to Austin has brought about a few interesting quandaries, most notably related to my columns in each school  newspaper, be that The Justice at Brandeis or The Daily Texan here at UT. When I was in Boston, the higher-ups at the paper frowned upon me using hyper local political action coming out of the Lone Star State as column topics, for obvious reasons. Accordingly, my Tuesday morning column focused nearly exclusively upon national political issues. Sometimes they were related to ongoing issues, be that Supreme Court cases on Affirmative Action (serendipitously, a case revolving around UT itself) to comments following the Boston Marathon bombing. However, sometimes I made a stink about an issue exclusively for the hell of it, with little to show in newsworthy connections. Those took the form of an infamous rant on why I hate euphemisms to ripping into the infallible cult that has been created by Obama fans. Either way, just about anyone in the country with an eye to politics could read my thoughts and know what is going on, not to mention care for it.

For better or for worse, the same cannot be said of most of my Daily Texan columns this year. The general policy is to connect the subject-matters back to UT, which typically means that it is a local policy issue I write on. Don’t get me wrong, I lovelocal politics, that is the entire reason I founded this blog over 18 months ago (WOW! Time flies). That being said, I do miss infusing my opinions on national matters, as much as I readily admit that I likely do little more than add to the noise when my opinions are heard among countless others.

Accordingly, I have decided on a compromise for moving forward. The pure politics of Washington D.C., the daily jockeying that goes on within the Senate or in K Street lobbies is not really any of my interest. Big developments that occur in bellwether State’s gubernatorial or senatorial elections is non of my concern. One of the houses of Congress passing a symbolic bill that will surely be dead on arrival in the other chamber bores me.

However, if Congress actually passes something, I will write about it. If the Supreme Court makes a decision that actually affects us here in Texas, I will make note of it. Specifically, the biggest change will be that, when the time comes, Texpatriate will be following the Presidential election with some detail. The debates, the primaries, you get the point.

For example, over the weekend, Hillary Clinton edged closer to announcing her presidential ambitions, so says a local news report out of Syracuse, NY. It sure looks like it will be an exciting election, to say the least.

I want to hear from YOU! Should we start following national politics, specifically the presidential election, with greater detail? Reader feedback is probably what we take most seriously.

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