Feral hogs for dinner?

The Houston Chronicle reports that the Harris County Commissioners are musing over a new proposal to both solve a feral dog infestation and help to feed the hungry population within Houston. In a contract recently approved by the Commissioners, heralded by Commissioner Steve Radack (R-Precinct 3), over $200,000.00 will be allocated for these hogs to be trapped, butchered and served to the homeless and impoverished.

The hogs have multiplied exponentially in recent years throughout western, rural portions of the county. Specifically, in George Bush Park and Bill Archer Park, these hogs have become a massive nuisance and public safety issue. Multiple anecdotal examples of these hogs running amok into neighboring communities have been documented, with the hogs “rooting up yards and damaging sports fields.” Radack has long talked up this issue, once even promulgating an admittedly quixotic plan to cull the feral hogs using bow hunters. That plan was vetoed, but this one looks far more realistic.

This plan would use general traps for the hogs. They would then be taken to be butchered and thereafter distributed to the local food bank. As proponents of this plan have stated, the mean would be local and organic, not the mention avoiding all the controversial practices of factory farming. Additionally, it would obviously run in conjunction to solving the pest problem within west Harris County’s many parks.

Radack and I have had our disagreements in the past, but I will proudly stipulate that the man deeply cares about his parks. This includes the general stewardship of the area, making them safe for citizens. Being attacked by a feral hog while having a picnic would be an utterly terrible experience. Seeing the same area dug up by wild animals would be unideal as well.

Anyways, I am having writer’s block. That’s it for me, for now.

One thought on “Feral hogs for dinner?

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