I’m back!!

After seven tests and two essays, my summer has officially begun. I’m going to be undertaking two main projects this summer, one starting on Monday and one in June, after which the two will run concurrently until late August. I’ll have more on this on Sunday and next month, respectively. Obviously, studying for tests is hard, but these past eight days have been some of the most stressful in recent memory because I have been unable to contribute to Texpatriate. Fear not, regular posting will continue perpetually at this time. At this point, my intent is to publish early the morning before I head out for the day. Anyways, I’d like to briefly touch upon a few of the major actions that have occurred since I signed off.

First and foremost, a public hearing was held over the proposed non-discrimination ordinance at City Hall. The results were predictable, to say the least, with the usual suspects showing up and pontificating the same-old trite arguments about religious liberty and such. The number of Councilmembers on the fence appeared to have broadened, and includes such officeholders I have named before such as Michael Kubosh, C.O. Bradford and Jack Christie. Additionally, it includes a few new names, especially Richard Nguyen. I’ll probably have a little more about this soon, but the general point is obviously to prohibit discrimination against LGBT people from both governmental agencies and private employers. Much of the argument that this provision is somehow anti-business has been put to bed after the Greater Houston Partnership backed the ordinance. Off the Kuff and Texas Leftist have more.

The other biggest news has been some drama pertaining to Wendy Davis. First, the Democratic Governor’s Associated (DGA) announced they would not be focusing on Davis’, the Democratic nominee for Governor of Texas, race. Unsurprisingly, the Democrats surely are far too interested in using Texas as its own personal ATM than actually investing anything in it. Complacency with mediocrity is the name of the game. For Davis’ part, she has strongly rebuffed this snub with a snub of her own aimed toward Washington DC.

“The uninformed opinions of a Washington, DC desk jockey who’s never stepped foot in Texas couldn’t be less relevant to what’s actually happening on the ground,” Davis’ campaign stated.

The DGA, honestly, just said what we all were thinking. But for partisan professionals like the good people at the DGA, to say that out loud is just plain stupid. Of course, Wendy Davis is a huge underdog, but the bad press associated with this snubbing only compounds the issue. Additionally, Bo Delp, a key spokesman for the Davis campaign, resigned somewhat abruptly from the campaign. The San Antonio Express-News reports this fact, though it expands upon some of the nuances of this transition. As many will recall, Davis went through a reorganization in March, where Delp was replaced as lead communications director, though he stayed on in a secondary capacity.

Off the Kuff, Rhymes with Right and Texas Leftist have more.

Once again, I’ll go back to regular posting tomorrow.

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