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Photo courtesy of Greg Enos, Esq.

Yesterday, I went to early vote at West Gray, in the heart of Montrose. I ran into Alicia Franklin and Tonya McLaughlin, two Republicans running in primary runoffs for judicial elections; both have been Texpatriate-endorsed. Unfortunately, I could not vote for either of these well-qualified candidates, as I had voted in the preliminary Democratic primary and thus was required to vote in the Democratic runoff.

Accordingly, I voted for David Alameel in the US Senate runoff and Kinky Friedman in the Agriculture Commissioner runoff. I got the feeling that I may have been the first Democrat to vote there all day. Considering that there was not a single sign for a Democratic candidate, perhaps I was not too far off, though I did hear that representatives of the Houston GLBT Caucus were present today handing out their slate card (consisting of the single endorsement of Alameel).

However, the most interesting sight at the polling place was the appearance of these phantom Denise Pratt signs. For those who may not remember, Pratt is the disgraced former Judge who resigned a month or two ago only to avoid indictment. Despite being called one of the most inept jurists to ever serve the Houston area by fellow Republicans, she was endorsed by the pay-to-play slatemakers and moseyed her way into a runoff with the aforementioned Franklin.

The Houston Chronicle has the full story on this issue, including that Pratt and her attorney have emphatically denied that they have erected the yard signs at the West Gray Multiservice Center (18 signs), as well as in Kingwood and west Houston. For her part, I have heard a couple of rumors involving a third-party who placed all the signs for some sort of nefarious, ulterior motive.

If Pratt, by some luck, wins the primary, the general election would be quite entertaining, to say the least. Most all of the Republican intelligentsia would endorse the Democrat in the race, Sherri Cothrun.

Rhymes with Right has more.

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