Judge Franklin

Local News reports that Alicia Franklin, a local attorney who defeated now-former Judge Denise Pratt in the Republican primary runoff last month following Pratt’s abrupt resignation, has officially been appointed to the bench by Governor Rick Perry. As many might recall, the 311th District Court was plagued by malfeasance and misfeasance on the part of the Pratt, who was simply one of the most incompetent jurists to grace the bench in my memory within the boundaries of Harris County.

When the work of being a judge got ahead of her, she began maliciously backdating orders in order to hide her ineptitude in office.  When the District Attorney’s office began investigating her, the case was referred to a Grand Jury, where she was no-billed. Not long thereafter, Pratt unilaterally dismissed hundreds upon hundreds of cases. Some of these cases involved very tenuous disputes involving child custody or even domestic abuse, and including temporary orders, making a solely political point tremendously irresponsible. The DA’s office began investigating him once more and was prepping yet another indictment when Pratt suddenly resigned. At that time, Pratt was in the midst of a runoff election with Franklin, after finishing with a plurality in the preliminary March primary, where she faced four opponents.

Sherri Cothrun, a local attorney, is the Democratic candidate for this office. Pratt’s original term expires at the end of the month, so Franklin has only been appointed to serve out that length of time. If she wins the election for the full term in November, for which she is the Republican nominee, then she will serve in her own right.

Personally, I am disappointed that little has come of the uproar over District Attorney Devon Anderson’s decision to let Pratt off scot-free in exchange for her resignation. Greg Enos, the Galveston-area attorney behind the plethora of complaints that eventually lead to Pratt’s downfall, promised similar action against Anderson. However, I have heard nothing thus far. Kim Ogg, the Democratic nominee for DA (it also comes up for election this November), would make a fine replacement, but that is truly a discussion for another day. At this point, I am just grateful that Franklin is on the bench and Pratt is off.

Rhymes with Right has more.

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