Wendy and the ‘A’ word

Abortion, that is. Peggy Fikac at the Houston Chronicle has the full story over State Senator Wendy Davis (D-Tarrant County), the Democratic nominee for Governor, and her perplexing stance on perhaps the most divisive political issue of the time: abortion.

Most will recall that Davis shot to international stardom following a 13-hour filibuster on abortion rights last June. She nearly singlehandedly killed a bill –later resurrected and passed– that would close the majority of abortion-providing clinics in Texas. Only after that spectacular event did Davis garner the star-power and name identification needed for a feasible run for Statewide office, namely Governor.

Have you ever seen a crowd like this for education?

The Chronicle article notes that Davis has now been enormously reluctant to bring up this issue, even sidestepping it when others mention it. Last year, she made the unfortunate decision to call herself “pro-life,” which appeared as nothing but insincere pandering.

I included the picture above for a reason, and that is to illustrate that the abortion issue can be more than just a hindrance for Democrats. The outrage feigned over education cuts, crony politics or even environmental matters is simply nothing compared to what transpired last summer.

Furthermore, there is a difference between a diehard abortion rights zealot on the campaign trail and someone willing to stand up to her convictions. While I vigorously agree with Davis’ position on this matter, I understand that it may not be all that popular within the State. Accordingly, I certainly realize it would be a bad idea to air TV commercials on this issue (Though my thoughts on Davis’ TV commercials, or lack thereof, is a whole other can of worms). But Davis is inherently well known because of this issue. Voters already associate Davis with abortion. She must own the connection or allow her opponent, Attorney General Greg Abbott, to illustrate it for her.

Even if you disagree with me on the underlying issue, I hope you can still recognize Davis’ folly extends far beyond the simple abortion rights dispute. Single-issue pro-life voters will never, ever, ever under any circumstances vote Democrat. By looking weak willed and equivocal, Davis is simply turning herself off from a larger share of the electorate.

3 thoughts on “Wendy and the ‘A’ word

  1. “perhaps the most divisive political issue of the time: abortion.”

    Only if you live in Texas or Oklahoma or some other underdeveloped country…the rest of the world doesn’t care too much.

    But yeah, such pointless pandering from either side always makes a candidate look ridiculous.

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