Assorted Immigration Thoughts

I couple of days ago, I opined on the crisis of unaccompanied minors at the border. Since then, a number of updates have transpired, which I feel are compelling enough to discuss one by one. First and foremost, President Barack Obama recently concluded a two day visit to Texas (Dallas and Austin, respectively). Governor Rick Perry originally tried to snub Obama by refusing to meet him on the tarmac of DFW when Air Force One arrived, prompting a little brouhaha of its own (for what it’s worth, Perry later acquiesced and met him on the tarmc).

Perry theoretically blew off Obama at first because he so desperately wished to discuss the situation along the border. The two held a brief meeting, where they sparred over broad platitudes but avoided specific details. The New York Times has a longer article on that topic, if you want to read a few hundred words on the matter. Perry, for his part, joined forces with Sean Hannity and began patrolling the border in a boat with a built in machine gun. Call me old fashioned, but I had always thought that we spend much of the 20th century tearing down militarized borders. Perhaps we should not spend the 21st propping them back up on our margins.

Obama, for his part, attended a few fundraisers, BBQ joints and gave a speech on the economy in Austin. UDems from UT, of which I was formerly a member, were featured prominently in the audience of the speech, pictured behind the President. I’ve attached a picture of the event, with the people I know circled in red. If you know them too, write on their Facebook walls to congratulate them or whatever the kids do nowadays. Something with the Instagram?


On a more serious note, I reiterate what I discussed at length on Monday: that Obama truly has erred in avoiding the border area. The Republicans have obviously criticized him for this, but a couple Democrats have as well. Among these are Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-TX) and State Senator Wendy Davis (D-Tarrant County), the Democratic nominee for Governor.

The Associated Press expanded upon Davis’ words. Specifically, they noted that she stopped short of fully criticizing the President but thoroughly implored him to visit the border area to get a feel for the human element of it all.

“It’s one thing to hear the number. It’s another thing to see for yourself the people — thousands — who are coming across,” she said.

Once again, my personal opinion on the matter has not changed at all. These children are fleeing violence, and as such should be regarded as refugees and not undocumented immigrants. I was happy to see an author at NBC reflect that viewpoint today.

Texas Leftist has more.

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