Texpatriate’s Questions for Laura Nicol

Editorial note: This is the second in our series of electronic interviews with candidates for Statewide and Harris County offices. We have sent questionnaires to every candidate on the ballot, given we could find a working email address. We have printed their answers verbatim as we receive them. If you are or work for such a candidate, and we did not send a questionnaire, please contact us <info@texpate.com>.


Laura Nicol, Democratic candidate for Texas House of Representatives (District 133)

Texpatriate: What is your name?
LN: Laura Nicol

T: What office are you seeking?
LN: State Rep TX HD 133

T: Please list all the elected or appointed POLITICAL offices you have previously held, and for what years you held them.
LN: TX 0483 Democratic Precinct Chair, 2009-2013

T: What is your political party?
LN: Democratic

T: Please describe a bill that you would introduce into the Legislature. What would it accomplish and what would its purposes be?
LN: State Income Tax to rebuild our infrastructure and fund public schools fairly

T: What is a specific vote by the incumbent where you would have acted differently?
LN: Abortion Clinics should not have more requirements on them than other outpatient clinics.

T: What is one thing that you would continue over from the incumbent? What is one thing you would not or change?
LN: Yes, the incumbent represents his supporters and donors, not his constituency.

T: Why you, as opposed to your opponents?
LN: I will legislate for the benefit of the entire community, not just the politically engaged.

T: What role do you think a Texas Representative should have?
LN: State Reps bring their own community’s issues to the table, and work together to solve them all.

T: Would you support the continued speakership of Joe Straus? Would you support Rep. Scott Turner’s candidacy?
LN: Yes, Joe Strauss is known to be a moderate.  No, Scott Turner is not yet proven.

T: What are the three most important issues to you, and what is at least one thing you have done to address each of them?
LN: Civic engagement, environment, and public education are my biggest concerns.  As precinct chair, I walked apartments all one summer to register voters.

One thought on “Texpatriate’s Questions for Laura Nicol

  1. Correction 1:

    Questionnaire 21, Question #7 was “Do you believe that the incumbent has specifically failed at her or his job? If so, why?” Please correct the question on your post so I don’t appear to have dodged a tougher one.

    Correction 2:

    I see now that I misread the last question; please add this to my answer:
    “I convinced my HOA board to compost landscape clippings and add curbside recycling. I am campaigning to fully fund neighborhood public schools.”

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