A few more Mayoral names

Theodore Schleifer, the new political reporter at the Houston Chronicle (welcome, fellow millennial, to the addicting world of Houston politics), wrote a front-page article yesterday about the huge fundraising advantage in the upcoming Mayoral election held by former State Representative Sylvester Turner (D-Harris County). It is a good piece of journalism, and I highly recommend reading it all the way through. However, what I found most interesting about the article was the new names put in print on who would be running for Mayor. I had heard most of the names, but never with anyone willing to go on-the-record.

Bill King, the former Mayor of Kemah, was listed as “waiting to assess the field.” This is notable, as King is a biweekly columnist for the Chronicle, and thus works a few doors down from Schleifer. Accordingly, there must be some truth to that allegation. The concept of being the Mayor of different cities has always struck me as rather improper, though. The connection to the city can’t help but look superficial.

Another name mentioned was City Councilmember C.O. Bradford (D-At Large 4). As astute followers of this publication will likely know, I am a big fan of Bradford, and would be very happy to see him run for Mayor. He has a unique ability to cut through the bull in politics, and is without a doubt one of the smartest people sitting at the horseshoe. If there is anyone excited about him running, it would be me. But, as I have understood it, Bradford decided against a Mayoral bid about a year ago. Maybe he changed his mind?

Finally, the name Marty McVey was included. The Chronicle article describes him as a “private equity executive.” He also serves on the Board for International Food & Agricultural Development (BIFAD) for the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Politically connected both locally and in Washington, McVey is the wealthy businessman this race has been waiting for. A Democrat, cursory research will show that he donated about $100,000 to progressive political causes in recent cycles.

Susan Delgado, a political gadfly, also announced via her Facebook that she would run for Mayor. She ran in the Democratic primary against State Representative Carol Alvarado (D-Harris County) earlier this year, as well as in the special election for the State Senate District 6 last year. A one-time mistress of the late State Senator Mario Gallegos (D-Harris County), she first entered the limelight about ten years ago.

The Chronicle article also very heavily assumed that Sheriff Adrian Garcia would run for Mayor. Obviously, the Sheriff, as a county officer, must resign his office in order to run for Mayor. I am still skeptical he will end up running, but you all know I’ve definitely been wrong before. To see my previous overview of the field, please click this link.

What do you make of this all?

5 thoughts on “A few more Mayoral names

  1. Bottom to top: I share your skepticism regarding the sheriff. I admire him, and think he’d do a good job. But for some reason(s), he seems uninterested.

    Susan Degaldo won’t, probably can’t win. And I don’t think she can even be a spoiler.

    Marty McVey? Never heard of him. No name I.D. among us common folks. But interesting. I’ll wait and see

    Wow, Bradford. Interesting. His was one of the earlier names tossed about. If he’s interested, he needs to get shaking. I don’t think he is.

    Bill King. Who cares?

    Rep. Sylvester Turner. That’s where my money is. (Well, figuratively.) I think the race will be between the Representative and the council member from River Oaks.

  2. I am still amazed at the entire Chronicle mention of Sheiff Adrian Garcia and the mention that his chief fundraising came from none other than Tony Buzbee who is the counsel for Rick perry in his felony escapades a&M Board of Regents. Knowing the good Sheriff to be a strong Democrat, I cannot understand the reliance on a Republican – and one with these ties for certain – but also the fact that should Sheriff Garcia decide to make the race, he will immediately, under state law, have to resign his post as the Democratic elected Sheriff of Harris County thereby allowing the 4-1 Majority Republican Coounty Commissioners Court to name his replacement. Him running seems a rather dubious proposition. Bill KIng is a dyed in the wool Republican whose name has floated and sunk over the years…I would remind folk that no Republican has been elected Mayor of Houston in quite a few years and with the demographics changing as they have, a vocal Repub doesn’t stand much of a chance now or in the future.

  3. King’s nickname around the fire stations of Houston is “bilking” thanks to his long held stance that the underpaid fellows get too lucrative a pension. Even if you forget his role in the Savings & Loan scandal of the 80’s, some of the taking care of buddies scandals in Kemah when he was elected there, or half a dozen other major moments most would call boondoggles, he’s not going to impress voters nearly as much as he thinks he could from that million dollar condo on the west loop. He just wants to stay relevant but that ship sailed long ago.

    Garcia is a genuinely likeable man with a sense of humor, a sense of family, and all the traits one hopes for in a neighbor. The down side is that he lacks any skill in politics and did little to develop the opportunities handed to him as he transitioned from police officer where he did very little other than set himself up to run for city council, never having promoted once to supervise even a handful of men, to the sheriff’s office where a lucky combination of scandals boosted him into office when no one thought he had a chance. Since he has been in office as sheriff, their staffing has been worse, the GOP held commissioner’s court has denied him most of the resources needed to make big improvements, and his manner of attacking the good old boy system is almost a mirror image of the two that ran the office before him, his method of passing over talented people in favor of personal cronies virtually identical, with similar results. He has a better deal with running the sheriff’s office since it is not term limited and most of his actions are not made public like they would be scrutinized as mayor, at very least he would wait another term to insure getting a county pension. My understanding is that he is merely waiting for the chance to make a credible run for commissioner’s court, a far more personally lucrative position than a term limited mayor.

    Bradford denies considering a run but has flirted with it for years now, having lost the race to become DA and no one wanting him to run for Sheriff. Like him or not, all those scandals tied directly to him hurt his chances for anything that requires voters choosing beyond race as a sole criteria and he knows it, Turner coming back on his twelve year cycle to run for the office perhaps the final nail for this time.

    Turner is the best suited person mentioned for the spot at this writing. He’s intelligent in a way that Bradford wishes he could be (Bradford is book smart and best at running a top down organization where he cannot be challenged), willing to work with opposing factions to achieve compromises, and genuinely seems to care about helping the most people. His sense of realism when faced with insurmountable odds would work in his favor too but to successfully run the city he would need to make wholesale changes in executive positions almost across the board, the type of firing he has never cared for in the past.

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