2014 Election liveblog

I will be updating this intermittently throughout the evening.

9:32 PM: Ok I’m done. I’ll have more tomorrow.

8:48 PM: It’s 2010 Part II.

8:31 PM: About 6% in for election day totals in Harris County. Negligible Democrat improvement. TEXPATRIATE projects ALL countywide Republicans will win.

8:12 PM: All statewides projected to be won by Republicans. Proposition 1 is projected to be approved.

8:05 PM: It’s been an hour, and still no election day results in Harris County. I would say #FireStanStanart, but it appears the voters disagreed.

8:02 PM: Texas Tribune calls Senate race for Cornyn. TEXPATRIATE projects all statewide elections for the Republicans.

8:00 PM: Polls close in El Paso.

7:58 PM: In two minutes, polls in El Paso close, and every media entity will call the race for the Republicans.

7:48 PM: Forgot to note this, but about 80% have voted thus far in favor of the Statewide Prop 1, for more highway funding.

7:45 PM: Whit close to 2% of precincts in statewide, the Dem ticket still close to 38%. Van de Putte down in the 30s, and Davis leading the pack at just over 40%. Still no news in Harris County.

7:26 PM: With about 1% of precincts in statewide, Cornyn leads Alameel 60-36. Abbott leads Davis 57-41. Patrick leads Van de Putte 55-42. The rest of the Democratic statewide slate is at about 38%. This is statewide.

7:19 PM: More looks at Senate elections. The independent in Kansas is leading, as expected. Republican still leading in Georgia, and Democrats leading in both North Carolina and New Hampshire. Still looks like the Dems will lose the Senate.

7:06 PM: First results in. It’s a Republican landslide. In Harris County, Abbott leads Davis 52-46. Patrick leads Van de Putte 52-46 too, though slightly closer. Downballot races sees GOP lead Dems 55-45, on average. 2010 repeat.

7:04 PM: Looking at some other Senate elections. As expected, the Republicans picked up a Senate seat in West Virginia and retained one in South Carolina. Democrats are leading close elections in New Hampshire and North Carolina, while Republicans lead in Georgia by a great deal (enough to avert a runoff). Republicans on track to win the Senate.


6:53 PM: With the final polls closed in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the Associated Press has rather quickly called the election for Sen. Mitch McConnell (R), the Minority Leader of the Senate. If the Republicans take the chamber, of course, he would be the Majority Leader. He has won by some rather impressive margins, much better than most of the polls would suggest. Accordingly, this might be a bad night for the Democrats. Polls close in Texas in SEVEN minutes!

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