About us

TEXPATRIATE is a professional blog on Houston and Texas politics, founded by Noah M. Horwitz in August 2012. Since that time, we have welcomed many other contributors, of which three are currently active. Opinions expressed in articles are those of only the author, and do not necessarily represent other writers. Editorials represent the opinion of the majority of the editorial board.

George Bailey (Boston, MA), Editorial Board member
Noah M. Horwitz (Austin, TX), Editorial Board member and de facto Editor
Andrew Scott Romo (New Orleans, LA), Editorial Board member

About George Bailey
George Bailey is an undergraduate at Harvard University concentrating in Astrophysics. He is a Varsity member of the Harvard Polo Team and plays the cello in the Harvard Pops Orchestra.

George was first introduced to Texas politics through the Mayor’s Youth Council in 2010, ultimately serving for three years including two on the Executive Board. He has been involved in public service ever since, most recently working as an intern at Houston City Hall in the Volunteer Initiatives Program in the summer of 2013. George attended high school at the St. John’s School, where he founded a Microfinance Club that aided over 63 aspiring entrepreneurs in developing countries with microloans amounting to over $3500 in total. The club raised awareness of poverty, and came up with innovative solutions to help individuals become self-sufficient. He is enthusiastic to be a member of the Texpatriate team.

Throughout the summer of 2014, George worked as an intern in the office of US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) in Washington DC. He also contracted research for the Baker Institute in Houston.

About Noah M. Horwitz
Noah M. Horwitz is a Houston native, and has been active in Houston & Texas politics for the last four years. In 2009, at the age of 15, Horwitz was first catapulted into the local spotlight after giving a pair of speeches to the Houston City Council and the HISD Board of Trustees, respectively, on why the school district should rename the six local schools that are named after prominent Confederate politicians and generals.

Horwitz then spent three years working at Houston City Hall for the Mayor’s office. In this capacity, Horwitz took on a number of roles, working a majority of his time with the “Mayor’s Youth Council,” an organization dedicated to discussing pertinent issues to the youth of the community. Within that role, Horwitz formed valuable connections with local politicians and other inroads into the local and state political community.

Shortly after graduating High School from The Emery/Weiner School in 2012, Horwitz served as one of the chief Houston area consultants for Gilberto Hinojosa’s successful campaign for Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party. He continued throughout 2012 to provide Houston-area consulting work for the Texas Democratic Party and attended the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina with the delegation.

Horwitz spent three semesters at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts (outside of Boston), majoring in Political Science and writing a weekly column on national political issues, entitled “Civil Affairs,” every Tuesday in The Justice, one of the University’s newspapers. Beginning in the Spring of 2014, Horwitz transferred to the University of Texas at Austin where he will continue his studies as a member of the Class of 2016. His “Civil Affairs” column was also moved to The Daily Texan every Monday morning, and he has since become the Senior Associate Editor of that newspaper. He also hosts The Daily Texan Editorial radio program on KVRX, colloquially known as “The Dog & Pony Show,” every Monday at 4:00 PM.

He also has contracted work for the Clifford Group, Inc., a public relations firm in Houston. Specifically, Horwitz worked on projects involving ongoing disputes at City Hall.

You can email him through Horwitz@texpate.com or follow him on Twitter with @NmHorwitz.

About Andrew Scott Romo
Andrew Scott Romo is a native of Houston, Texas where he attended George W. Strake Jesuit College Preparatory School. He is currently studying International Business and Finance at Loyola University New Orleans where he is participating in the Emerging Leaders Program, and serving as Social Media Coordinator and Executive Board Member for Loyola University’s Global Business Association.

Prior to studying at Loyola University New Orleans, Andrew served as the Chief of Staff for the City of Houston Mayor’s Youth Council. As an Executive Member for the City of Houston Mayor’s Youth Council Andrew worked closely with the Chief Service Officer, City Council, and Mayor of Houston to address issues that were pertinent to youth residing within the city.

Andrew currently resides in New Orleans,Louisiana and can be contacted through e-mail, romo.andy@gmail.com

We have an email address at info@texpate.com or call us at (617) 807-0830.


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4 thoughts on “About us

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your blog! Keep up the awesome work from way east! I liked your page on Facebook and will share with friends as well.d

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  3. yes, keep up the good work and I hope you’ll motivate your peers to become more involved.

  4. I’m glad to see such thoughtful young people involved in politics. You are inspirations to us all, young and old.

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