In re Boykins

Anyone who consistently reads my blog knows that I am a freshman in College. Compared to just about all of my contemporaries, I got into local politics quite early. I started working for City Hall and became completely and totally engrossed within local politics just before the 2009 election, at the age of fifteen. To become familiar with the pre-2009 officeholders, I did research on most of the elections in the past few elections before that time, mostly the previous elections involving people who held office at that time.

Anyways, I mentioned in my November 17 article “Dialogue in D” that a man named Dwight Boykins is running for District D. I simply mentioned him in passing, almost curiously wondering why Mayor Brown and Jew Don Boney were endorsing him. Further, I insinuated in another article on that day, “Jones to return?” that Jolanda Jones was free of other establishment politicians. All of that, cross that, Boykins is a big deal–I was wrong.

This is one of those embarrassing moments when my age gets in the way. It turns out that Dwight Boykins has run for the City Council thrice before, once going into a runoff. Unfortunately, I was 3, 5, and 9, respectively, when he ran, so I have no memory of this. But, for the record: Boykins ran in a crowded field in 1997, coming in fourth place. He ran again in 1999, coming in second to Gordon Quan, and losing in the runoff. Finally, he ran in 2003 against Michael Berry in at-large 5, coming in second but failing to grab enough votes from Berry for a runoff.

So, essentially, my ego got in the way vis-a-vis Houston politics and I did not foresee a connection to politics of before my time. This moots most of my commentary about if Jones returns to run in District D. That will be a hard race.