Mayoral update

I’ve been saying it for a while that Bill King, the former Mayor of Kemah, would run for Mayor of Houston this year, against Mayor Parker. Hell, I even listed him among my Mayoral candidates. But I think I was wrong, very wrong, about Mr King’s candidacy.

You see, recently, King started writing op-ed pieces for the Chronicle. I expressed my doubt that an opinion writer could have a political future in this city last December, and I still stand by that statement. In fact, it looks like King has doubled down on this position recently. I believe as of late, King has become an official columnist with the paper, and has advertised quite prominently as such on his facebook page. Accordingly, it looks like Bill King WILL NOT be running for Mayor.

I will be taking down his name from the Mayoral election tab soon enough. This is just one of those illusions I keep having, despite most of the facts rooting against me. To be fair, most bloggers have these delusions. Kuff has an ongoing “figment of his imagination,” as he calls it, about thinking Henry Cisneros will be running for Governor. But enough about how I, yet again, failed at predicting the future. This newfound reality gives us the opportunity to examine an odd new political map.

The Mayoral election now consists of two heavyweights, Parker and Hall, who are headed for an epic showdown of showdowns this November. Then there are the two lightweights: James Noteware, a Republican nobody, and; Don Cook, the perennial Green candidate. Amanda Ulman or one of her fellow comrades will probably also throw their red hat in the ring. But that leaves two major questions left unanswered. First, who will the Republican be? Second, will there be a Hispanic candidate, and, if there is, who?

A million years ago, Campos mentioned some anonymous Hispanic politician who was thinking of running for Mayor. Kuff had no idea what he was talking about. If you believe that, in light of that, I would still know anything about it, I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you. As for the Republican, I have no inklings about any candidates other than King. For some reason, back in my December post, I mentioned the prospect of conservatives nominating someone like Paul Bettencourt. I have no idea where I got this from. Absolutely no idea. Essentially, the there is a huge opening for a Conservative to run for Mayor at this point. Just probably not big enough for a conservative candidate to win.

Ben Hall’s real website is up

It isn’t a shell anymore. is now fully operational with many different tabs. In his first big statement, he said that Houston is in an economic “quagmire,” something that Mayor Parker immediately fired back at. The Mayoral election is now in full steam.

Parker has recently acquired two big endorsements: EMILY’s List (Pro-Choice activism) and the HPD Union. Hall, meanwhile, has been endorsed by the African-American Police Officers League. Hall, for his part, has not really increased his social media numbers. For the record, here’s how they match up:





Please tell me that I am mistaken, and the Mayor has an instagram account. That would be just fantastic. Anyways, Hall made is first official speech of the race yesterday, so I guess he is officially officially officially in. This Chron article about the event also mentions that Don Cook, the perennial green candidate, will be running for Mayor. Eager to hear too if Amanda Ulman, or any of her other comrades, is planning to run on the red platform.

UPDATE: Parker does have an Instagram! But only has 2 followers (probably 3, once I get around to it). So, Dr Hall does beat the Mayor in one social media category. Keep up the good work, Ben…