Endorsements: “Renee’s list”

A friend of mine who attends UT asked for my take on Austin elections. I told her that I “did not even want to get started with that clusterfarkacht about 8-2-1 and 10-1 and what not” However, I drafted up a list of Austin endorsements of Candidates for her,  so I might as well share it with the world.


·         US Representative (25th)—Lloyd Doggett (Democratic)

·         State Board of Education, District 5—Rebecca Bell-Metereau (Democratic)

·         State Senator, District 14—Kirk Watson (Democratic)

·         State Representative, District 49—Elliott Naishtat (Democratic)

·         3rd Court of Appeals, Place 2—J. Andrew Hathcock (Democratic)

·         3rd Court of Appeals, Place 3—Diane Henson (Democratic)

·         3rd Court of Appeals, Place 5—Karen Watkins (Democratic)

·         3rd Court of Appeals, Place 6—Bryan Chase (Democratic)

·         53rd District Court—Scott Jenkins (Democratic)

·         98th District Court—Rhonda Hurley (Democratic)

·         126th District Court—Darlene Byrne (Democratic)

·         167th District Court—David Wahlberg (Democratic)

·         200th District Court—Gisela Triana (Democratic)

·         345th District Court—Stephen Yelenosky (Democratic)

·         353rd District Court—Tim Sulak (Democratic)

·         390th District Court—Julie Kocurek (Democratic)

·         427th District Court—Jim Coronado (Democratic)

·         County Court at Law 8—Carlos Barrera (Democratic)

·         District Attorney—Rosemary Lehmberg (Democratic)

·         County Attorney—David Escamilla (Democratic)

·         Sheriff—Greg Hamilton (Democratic)

·         Tax Collector—Bruce Elfant (Democratic)

·         Constable, Precinct 2—Adam Ballesteros (Democratic)

·         ACC Trustee, Place 7—Barbara Mink

·         ACC Trustee, Place 8—Betty Hwang

·         ACC Trustee, Place 9—Allen Kaplan

·         AISD Trustee, Position 8—Gina Hinojosa

·         AISD Trustee, District 5—Amber Elenz

Ernest McGowen, 1925-2012

Ernest McGowen, Sr., the second African-American elected to the Houston City Council and the father of the city’s Affirmative Action program, died at the age of 87 on Sunday.

McGowen was the first Councilmember for the northern District B, being first elected in 1980 after a successful lawsuit brought single member districts to Houston (something our Austinite friends are still fighting for) and stayed until term limits forced him out in 1994. He was a major advocate during the Whitmire Administration for increased affirmative action programs. Among his accomplishments were being the sponsor of the MWBE program (minority and woman-owned business enterprise), writing the ordinance prohibiting support of apartheid South Africa, supporting striking Sanitation Workers, and helping to establish MLK day as a city holiday.

Former City Councilmember Anthony Hall, State Senator Rodney Ellis, and U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, who all served with McGowen on the Council, commended McGowen’s record and lauded his memory.

RIP Councilmember. I was always remember him as a pioneer, a hero, and a fighter always for what is right.

The Houston Chronicle has the full story.