They’re out!

The Chronicle is reporting that Harris County has begun mailing absentee ballots. They noted that first priority are military and overseas, but then out-of-state voters (that’s me). Additionally, the sample ballot is up, which is far more convenient that trying to analyze and contrast the different primary election results.

I had known this since the filling deadline earlier this year, but among some of the people not drawing a Democratic opponent are Joan Huffman, Justices on the Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals, and Justices on the 1st and 14th Court of Appeals. That is absolutely disgusting, and is the reason I did not clap my hands a single time during Boyd Richie’s farewell speech at the State Convention. Democrats sure as hell are not going to win when we fill less positions than the Green Party on the ballot. I forgot to mention that, in those (more than a few) races where the sorry Democrats didn’t field a candidate, I will be voting Green or writing in “Tilly” (my yellow dog). This is one of the things I have a lot of hope in Chairman Hinojosa for, ending this “lazy-Austinite” mentality of the State Party and begin fighting where we have a fighting chance, starting with Houston and San Antonio.