Texpatriate endorses in CCA primary

Contrary to common belief, there are actually two high courts in the State of Texas. The Texas Supreme Court, which we dealt with yesterday, and the Court of Criminal Appeals (CCA). The former court deals with all non-criminal matters, whereas the latter (as its name suggests) is the court of last resort for any criminal cases. Confusingly enough, both courts share the same intermediate Court of Appeals.

The criminal responsibilities of this court are twofold. First, the court is able to use discretionary review to hear secondary appeals in non-Capital criminal cases. In these appeals, as in any other, defendants may raise point of errors that allegedly prevented them from receiving a fair trial. Second, the court is bound by law to look at all Capital cases, looking for similar errors. Further, the Court may hear habeas corpus hearings that focus upon details not necessarily pertinent to the legal issues of the trial. All in all, this Court holds a very valuable role in protecting the integrity of Texas’ criminal justice system. At a time when there is growing skepticism over capital punishment and exoneration after exoneration due to new DNA evidence, we are faced with a watershed election to this high Court. Among the three seats up for election this year, all three Republican incumbents are retiring, setting up lively contests for their replacement in the Republican primary. Democrats only bothered to contest one seat.

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Statewide Judicial update

A couple months ago, I noted that all three seats on the Court of Criminal Appeals up for election in 2014 would be open, as every pertinent incumbent would be retiring. Similarly, with the elevation of Justice Nathan Hecht to the role of Chief Justice, his seat will hold a special election in 2014, meaning four of the seats on the Supreme Court will be up for election. However, it appears at press time that they will all include incumbents.

All these Supreme Court slots have no other candidates besides the incumbents. The three Court of Criminal Appeals slots, however, each respectively have two candidates. All aforementioned candidates are Republicans, and all signs suggest that the Democrats will not even contest most of these seats, as they have typically done in the past.

First things first, Chief Justice Nathan Hecht, who was just recently appointed to the position by Governor Perry, will run for re-election for the Chief slot (Position #1). He is hitherto unopposed. Justices Jeffrey Boyd and Phil Johnson will also run for re-election for Positions 7 and 8, respectively. Justice Jeff Brown, a former Houston Appeals Court Judge who was recently appointed by Governor Perry to replace Hecht’s associate justice seat, will run for re-election to Position 6.

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