Bob Perry, 1932-2013

The Texas Tribune reports that GOP super donor Bob Perry died this morning in his sleep. He was 80.

Bob Perry had amassed a large fortune over the years from his large development company, Perry Homes. Eventually, the focus turned to philanthropy of a political nature. Perry was one of the biggest donors to politicians in the State, mainly giving to the GOP. Among his recipients were George W. Bush, Rick Perry, Sylvester Turner, Mario Gallegos, George P. Bush and Carol Alvarado. A Houston resident, he worked tirelessly to support candidates, both left and right (but mainly right), from his hometown.

Additionally, Perry was invaluable in silencing the far-right from dominating the Republican Party’s immigration policy. He was one of the key reasons the cruel Sanctuary City bill did not pass, and for that, liberals like me will always be grateful.

I do not believe I ever had the pleasure of meeting Mr Perry in person, but I wish I did. He will be missed and I was saddened to hear of his passing.

Garcia wins

With 100% of the precincts reporting, Sylvia Garcia won the SD06 runoff with roughly 53% of the vote, to Carol Alvarado’s 47%. 18,000 people voted in this runoff, compared to about 16,000 in January for the original special election.

Kuff has some info that insinuates Garcia will not be taking office for probably another two weeks, thereby disqualifying her from introducing legislation. What a bunch of hooey. However, it seems to be that Rep. Farrar, who was a huge backer of Garcia’s campaign, should just introduce the legislation on behalf of the Senator-elect.

Unfortunately for me, this means no writing about a Special HD145 election, but fortunately for me, my endorsed candidate won. Anyways the election was somewhat anticlimactic.

It’s runoff day!!!

Internet Husband - I told him we could do anything he wants he said he would live tweet the runoff

Well, the runoff is finally here. Contrary to what I might have said earlier, I actually am rooting for one of the sides now (Go Garcia!). I was going to live tweet the results, but then I remembered that they are coming in on a Saturday night, so… you can read about it tomorrow. My guess is an Alvarado victory, but I’ve been plenty wrong about these sorts of things before. Anyways, you can read about this tomorrow.

Texpatriate endorses Sylvia Garcia for SD06

It is with a heavy heart, and much contemplation, that I decide, against some of my better judgment, to weigh into this election. I vote in SD17, so I don’t really have a dog in this fight, thus I decided, at first, to stay out of the election. Before the initial election, I made no picks, and simply hoped that a Republican would not meander his way into the runoff. Well, that didn’t happen, and now, we have the ultimate runoff election on Saturday.

The two candidates, Carol Alvarado and Sylvia Garcia, are both Democrats, and most voters, counting myself at one time, thought of them as indistinguishable. Alvarado, as a State Representative and former City Councilmember, had the backing of larger proportion of the Hispanic community, including the deathbed endorsement of the late Senator Gallegos. Garcia, meanwhile, a former County Commissioner and City Controller, has the heavy support of much of the City establishment, as well as a few State Reps that must be dissatisfied with Alvarado.

Anyways, I didn’t see much in the part of differences between the candidates–that is, until today. Today, I read a startling article in BOR about Alvarado and Garcia’s donors. Naturally, I am dubious of anything coming out of an Austin blog, so I double checked. It’s legit. Alvarado’s money is coming from Bob Perry, the GOP mega-donor; Tort-reformers, and; loan sharks (aka payday lenders). Garcia’s money comes from typical Democratic sources, the Mostyns and Unions.

This reminds me of the 2008 Democratic Primaries, when Barack Obama was being underwritten by the big banks and insurance companies, but that is neither here nor there. Anyways, this, along with the fact that anti-Semite Larry Taylor is block-walking for Alvarado, is enough to turn me off from her completely.

If I lived in SD06, I would gladly vote for Garcia, to keep another elephant in donkeys’ clothing out of the Senate. It is my hope enough people agree with me.

What nobody is talking about

Let us say, arguendo, State Rep. Alvarado is elected to the Texas Senate on Saturday. Then, the question is who becomes the State Representative in the 145th District. I have not heard anyone talking about this, the Special Election that could be here by the summer, nor contributing any solid ideas to would run in this theoretical special election.

James Rodriguez seems like a possible candidate, given how strongly he has been supporting Alvarado in this election My two cents say Melissa Noriega would be a uniquely qualified candidate, seeing as that she represented the district for a term while her husband, who was the official representative at the time, was in Afghanistan. There are, however, a number of problems with that.

An election would not take place until late April at the earliest, and would be pushed to the end of May in the event of runoff, meaning that the newly elected Representative would have no time within the current legislature. Therefore, it could make some sense for a Rodriguez or Noriega to wait until the regularly scheduled 2014 election to run. The only problem is that there would already be an incumbent at that time, and incumbents are generally hard to knock off in a Democratic Primary (unless you are Sheila Jackson Lee).

Anyways, we can talk about this on Saturday if it is even necessary.

Chronicle endorses Alvarado

The editorial is out! The Chronicle has (surprisingly, in my opinion) decided to jump into this race and pick a candidate. Yesterday, the endorsement went to Carol Alvarado.

The Chronicle praised Alvarado for not being quite as confrontational with Republicans. This may have the unintended consequence of driving the left-wing voters to Garcia’s cause.  But anyways, there isn’t much to talk about.


2/10 tidbits

I’ve been shoveling snow straight for pretty much the last two days, so forgive my absence from the computer. I believe Boston received exactly 25 inches of snow. Anyways, a few things have happened over the weekend. Keeping in touch with some precedent, I will not be writing much on this things, just acknowledging them, so I may be able to keep up with the news starting this week. I’ll be in Houston from the 16th to 23rd, but that is probably just irrelevant.

First, Helena Brown said something dumb. I know, I know, what a surprise. Anyways, she thinks that ordinances that crack down on people who sell stolen precious metals to pawn shops somehow violate our liberty. I don’t even.

Next, there is a date on the SD06 runoff: March 2nd. This will prove to be the REAL contest, and I, for one, cannot wait.

Finally, a few people made it official on their campaigns over the weekend, including Brenda Stardig and Amy Peck, both for District A. I have linked their websites to the “2013/2014 Elections” tab.

Garcia leads going into runoff

As expected, Sylvia Garcia and Carol Alvarado advanced into a runoff for the Special Election in SD06. Garcia led, with 45% of the vote, as Alvarado followed with about 42%. The other candidates, led by Bray, gathered up a combined 13% of the vote. Something I noticed was how Garcia started very, very strong, but faded towards the end.

Direct link to election results is located here.

Garcia took in a majority in Absentee votes, and a more impressive 47% in the nearly half of voters who showed up early. However, among those who voted on election day, both candidates took in 41%, with Alvarado beating out Garcia by a few votes. However, the real headline, in my opinion, is that turnout stood at about FIVE PERCENT. That is literally sad. Off the Kuff seemed to think that more people would vote in the runoff, my two-cents is that it would be pretty hard for any fewer people to vote.

Speaking of the runoff, we still have absolutely no idea when it will take place. Kuff said something about “between now and March 16.” When you get to special election runoffs, the turnout is so low, that it is all about who just shows up to the polls. Alvarado is still very much still in play.

Poll day

All those lucky citizens in SD06, make sure to hit the polls today! The special election to succeed the late-Senator Gallegos is now underway. I believe the polls close at 7PM, so I will be posting some live results as they filter in. So, without further ado, one final look at the candidates.

Carol Alvarado
Endorsed by Senator Gallegos on his deathbed, as well as the late-Senator’s widow, Alvarado, a State Representative and former City Councilmember, has the backing of much of the Hispanic establishment, including Councilmember James Rodriguez.

Sylvia Garcia
Endorsed by Mayor Parker and State Rep. Jessica Farrar, Garcia, a former County Commissioner, City Controller, and Judge, is the favorite of most City Hall aficionados.

R.W. Bray
The Republican in the race. Also the Republican who lost in November. Now, I know SD06 is really liberal, and it made sense to posthumously elect Gallegos so that there would be a special election, but losing an election to a dead person just destroys your political reputation.

Now, I live in SD17, so I don’t have to vote in this race, thus, I am not endorsing. I don’t especially care which Democrat wins this seat, I just like to watch the game. I suppose, then, you could say this is like the Superbowl for me this year.

The simple truth

Two weeks from Saturday, January 26th that is, the lucky residents of Senate District 6 will go to the polls. From what I understand, the eight candidates run cajun (jungle) style, that is, all in one big, fun, happy primary, with the top two candidates advancing into a runoff, to be held either February 23, March 2, or March 9.

While most seem to be wasting a lot of time on this topic, I have gone out of my way to not even bring it up. This is because what I like to call the simple truth. The way I see it (the view from the ivory tower), there are eight candidates: Garcia, Alvarado, et al. However, the two just mentioned are the only ones with ANY chance of winning. However, I seriously doubt one of them will garner a majority of the vote, especially if the Republican takes a good chunk of the vote.

Anyways, there is going to be a runoff, so it makes no sense to get all excited and riled up over something that is late February or March’s problem.