In defense of Buc-ee’s

Let us get something out of the way, first and foremost. I love Dr Pepper ICEEs. No, that is not a hyperbolic statement in the least, I love those drinks with every bone in my body. Fortunately, the Valero Gas Station proudly furnishes the heavenly beverage at many convenient locations, both near my home in Houston and my place of temporary sojourning in Austin. I also love club sandwiches, but this has already been established, as we all know. Both Houston and Austin host many exciting restaurants that serve club sandwiches, though I cannot say Valero is one of them. The only place I know that sells both Dr Pepper ICEEs and [fantastic] club sandwiches is Buc-ees. Accordingly, this is my absurdly long-winded way of saying that I love Buc-ees. No, I love Buc-ees, the bathrooms, the food and the general atmosphere.

Therefore, this news figuratively broke my heart. Dan Patrick, the fiery ultra-conservative Republican primary candidate for Lieutenant Governor, has received the endorsement of the Buc-ees owners. I take it most people have heard of this. Congressman Joaquin Castro (D-San Antonio) will be boycotting the establishment, as will many of my Democratic compatriots. I, however, will not, for a few very simple reasons.

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