Wendy Davis and the press

The San Antonio Express-News reports that there are some growing hostilities between the Wendy Davis camp and the Capitol Press Corps. Specifically, following a speech given at a Travis County Democratic Party event, it was revealed that Davis’ campaign had shut out reporters from every publication except for the Texas Tribune. David Rauf, a reporter for the Texas Hearst papers (Houston Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News), later took to twitter in order to both confront the party and evidently blow off some steam.

You can read the article for yourself, including all the tweets referenced, it is a bit entertaining. Essentially, the controversial revolves the blatant favoritism at play when one media outlet gets exclusive rights to cover a story. It is very amateurish for a campaign, and continues to paint a murky picture for Davis’ chances. The cliched response I have seen on a plethora of social media sites in response to this is that Davis should be running to reporters, rather than away, especially with all this favoritism at play. Another commentator noted how silly it was that Wendy Davis –who could defend herself competently in front of the entire Republican machine for twelve hours last June– could not be more open and available to the media.

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