Hoang and Steen

I promise, I was definitely going to break these stories before the Chronicle did, but I had a paper due today. Anyways, Councilmember Al Hoang has been repeatedly threatened by a political opponent of his, Etienne Nguyen. Nguyen allegedly pointed a pistol at Hoang, threatened to kill him and his family, and left a molotov cocktail on his doorstep. Scary stuff. Hoang, when approached by KHOU, stated that he believed Nguyen was after him because of Hoang’s recent support for a trade mission by the mayor to Vietnam.

Nguyen ran in 2011 and received about 10% of the vote.

In other news, Governor Perry has appointed Secretary Andrade’s replacement. San Antonio attorney John Steed has been tapped to take the office of Texas Secretary of State. Steed has been an outspoken Republican bigshot and major donor.