State House passes budget

As anyone who was on twitter last night can vouch for, Gene Wu wanted everyone to know that something big was happening. As his live-tweets suggest, the House passed a budget, 135-12, which was not nearly as bad as last term. Some, but not all, of the horrible cuts to public education were rescinded by this new budget.

Further, in another show of progress (or at least the absence of regression), an amendment was slipped into the budget from Abel Herrero (D-Corpus Christi) that de facto banned school vouchers. That amendment was also passed with bipartisan support, 103-43, including Tom Craddick’s support. Meanwhile, a backdoor strategy of slipping Medicaid expansion into the mix was nixed at the last minute by the GOP.

I didn’t really follow the budget negotiations this term, so I don’t really feel qualified to discuss it very extensively. Off the Kuff has more. The budget, also passed by the Senate, now heads to conference committee.

Meme of the day

If the House passes the budget tonight, I’ll have plenty to see tomorrow. Meanwhile, for these of y’all who haven’t noticed, Gene Wu has been live-tweeting the ENTIRE DAY.

why the @$%&, has gene wu taken over my twitter feed?