Horwitz on moving to Austin

At the risk of appearing excessively cold to a significant transition in my life, I will delve into greater detail about what Sophia mentioned in passing in her video last night: I am moving to Austin in January and will transfer colleges to the University of Texas at Austin. The two of us penned a press release on this matter as well, which I have attached below.

Moving to the State Capital, I plan on taking full advantage of my repatriating into the middle of the political landscape. We are working on some big projects that I think will help to expand our visibility and broaden our readership. Additionally, we are looking at hiring more Staff Writers–though nothing is for certain at this point. Like I have said before, more details will be figured out and announced in the coming days and weeks.

Additionally, a serendipitous consequence of my relocation to Austin will be a much closer proximity to Houston. Rest assured, I will continue covering City Hall politics and local primaries with great alacrity. I will have my car with me, which means I can take my infamous “capricious trips” back home whenever the need arises without additionally financial penalty, unlike now when I must purchase airline tickets months in advance. I doubt I will actually return home more than I historically have been recently (roughly once a month), but I believe I will be able to more strategically choose when I come home, so that I may maximize the effectiveness of my visits.

Click here to read the Press Release!

Texpatriate on recommendations

It is no secret that we have been somewhat outward with our recommendations in this municipal election. The tab marked “2013 Election” shows all the recommendations made by both this board and the individual Editorial Board members.

Texpatriate made a conscious decision to write individual editorials for each municipal office, so as to discuss every race in depth. The astute will notice that many of these editorials follow the same template, a rough process of elimination that delineates the strengths and weaknesses of all the major candidates. Most interest groups that field endorsements simply offer up names. While the Houston Chronicle does ascribe their endorsements to a detailed editorial, the format follows a very different path. Very rarely does a Chronicle endorsement go into depth about a candidate other than the endorsee.

This board does things very differently for, what we humbly believe, is a unique reason. While many other organizations that endorse do so with the intention of convincing readers and members to support their picks, we try to stimulate critical reasoning about the election and encourage individuals to make their own decisions. Sometimes they align with our picks, but often times they do not.

Click here to read more about our thoughts!

Introducing…the Texpatriate Editorial Board

A few months ago, I (Horwitz) welcomed “an old City Hall buddy of mine,” Andrew Romo, into Texpatriate. Originally, the idea was for him to contribute articles, but this proposal was soon abandoned in favor of a more nuanced role. Rather, he has taken over most social networking and general publicity for this blog.

Accordingly, when the idea arose for two more “City Hall buddies” of mine, Olivia Arena and George Bailey, to join the Texpatriate organization, I ultimately came to the conclusion that writing may not be the best position for them. Primarily, I suppose, because most people seem to have better things to do with their lives than constantly read and write about local politics.

The four of us, however, do still want to be closely connected and affiliated with Texpatriate. The conclusion we ultimately came to was to create the Texpatriate Editorial Board (pictured below; from right to left, Noah M. Horwitz, Olivia Arena, George Bailey and Andrew Romo):

editorial board

The board will not manage the general affairs of Texpatriate, such as website changes, design decisions or other general matters. Content on individual articles will still be left, without restriction, to the discretion of the individual writer. This means that nearly every article, which is written by me (Horwitz), will be unchanged.

The key role of this board will be Editorial articles. These will include endorsements, annual or biennial rankings of City Councilmembers/State Legislators/Texas Congresspeople and general opinions or positions on contentious issues. While the vast majority of these editorials will probably be authored through my account, these will not be only my opinion and sometimes might not even be mine at all. All editorials will be obviously marked as those articles where “Texpatriate” is the first word of the title (Ex: “Texpatriate endorses Sylvia Garcia“).

Editorial board decisions will only be reached if the decision is unanimous or 3-1. If there exists a 2-2 tie, no decision will be rendered. Individual members of the board, if their opinions are not completely expressed in the editorials, may write their own opinions on the subject or field their own endorsements for candidates not chosen.

Just a little bit of background on where the political tilt exists within this new board. Olivia Arena and I (Horwitz) have traditionally liberal views, Andrew Romo has moderate views and George Bailey’s complete apathy on national political issues makes a political litmus test difficult. Roughly, his views represent significant local emphasis, but are broadly to the right of centre (just slightly).

We look forward to bringing you our first editorial: “Texpatriate’s best and worst legislators of the 83rd session,” sometime before Texas Monthly comes out with theirs.

In re Nemo

I apologize for the recent lack of activity, I am hunkered-down at my brother’s house to ride out this blizzard. The electricity is most likely going out, so I would like to conserve my battery-life.

See you sunday!

December 14th 2012

I was going to write about the election date being set for the Special Election in SD06, but I can’t.

I was going to write about the Rodeo buying Astroworld and the implications it has for the dome, but I can’t.

I was going to write about the Federal Government’s decision to not go after pot states, but I can’t.

I was going to write about Avigdor Lieberman resigning in Israel, but I can’t.

I was going to write an impassioned plea for gun control, but I can’t.

I was just going to write about my condolences and such, but I still can’t.

I can’t bring myself to write about anything, I can’t bring myself to even watch the news, it literally churns my stomach. Kindergardeners, 5 years old. I am in Logan Airport right now, and almost without a warning, the Christmas Carols have stopped. The scene went from “the happiest time of the year” to absolute, total, utter gloom and despondence.


So I have not been posting very much recently and this is for two reasons. First, I have quite a few papers due soon, so I may not be back until around Thanksgiving. Second, there really is not much local political news right now. If and when either of these situations change, I’ll be back. Rest assured, I was not a fluke for just the 2012 elections.

Tomorrow night

I am going to attempt to livestream on youtube my thoughts during the election returns. I will be giving live updates on the Presidential election, Senate elections, House elections, Texas legislature elections, and Harris County elections until they stop counting for the night. Look for me under either “Noah Horwitz” or “Texpatriate”.

I apologize for the lack of activity recently. I have been engrossed within the Presidential election but could not bring myself to vote for it. It will be a long night tomorrow. But after that, I will immediately start discussing the 2013 elections.

New Contributor

I have had some reflection over the weekend and have decided something: I am going to move Texpatriate in a bit of a different direction. Before, I wanted to have a Houston Progressive blog, like the dozens of other ones. However, I have decided to make Texpatriate a tad more diverse. I am welcoming an old City Hall buddy of mine, Andrew Romo, as a Contributing Writer.

Andy is a fellow Texpatriate, sojourning in New Orleans. Andy was a moderate in High School, but I think he has taken a slight turn to the left since starting College. However, he is probably more professional than I and writes from a non-partisan point of view rather than my unabashedly liberal point of view. He has some very interesting perspectives that I hope he can share with everyone soon.

Lack of activity

I apologize for the lack of activity. My computer died and I am desperately trying to resuscitate it because I want to wait until Windows 8 is coming out next month. I am working on getting my desktop from junior high shipped up here in the meantime.