Houston texting ban in the mix

My old friends at City Hall were all over Facebook a few days ago, when an individual named “Bun-B,” who evidently is some sort of local rapper (I’ve never heard of him) showed up at Bagby Street to shoot a PSA with Mayor Parker about the dangers of texting while driving.

Since our Governor still has the delusion of believing that banning texting while driving is unnecessary government intrusion, the prospects for a Statewide ban on the practice may still elude us this year. The City of Houston may have to act on its act, then. The Chron reports that the Mayor wants the City Council to discuss an ordinance banning texting while driving citywide, similar to cities like Austin, El Paso and San Antonio, if the legislature’s second attempt to ban it statewide fails.

I haven’t seen any recent movement on the subject from the State Legislature, which is disappointing, to say the least. I think the Texting while driving ban would be easily passed in the City Council (and I would LOVE to hear Helena Brown’s reaction/opposition to the measure). That would probably be just as well as a statewide ban, assuming that Dallas follows suits soon as well. The only time I really ever spend outside of those cities is on the interstate. Maybe a good compromise bill in the legislature would be to just ban the practice on the freeway (defined as Interstates and US Highways).

Texting while driving is one of those issues where I can see the need for the follow, and I agree with it, even though I’m not especially a beaming light of solving the problem. I will fiddle around with my phone changing the song on my iPod, quickly reading a text (only responding at a light, though), etc. I am almost positive that, over the years, if the infraction is   not a secondary offense, that I will be given a ticket at least once. Still, I see the absolute need for it, especially in the city.

2/10 tidbits

I’ve been shoveling snow straight for pretty much the last two days, so forgive my absence from the computer. I believe Boston received exactly 25 inches of snow. Anyways, a few things have happened over the weekend. Keeping in touch with some precedent, I will not be writing much on this things, just acknowledging them, so I may be able to keep up with the news starting this week. I’ll be in Houston from the 16th to 23rd, but that is probably just irrelevant.

First, Helena Brown said something dumb. I know, I know, what a surprise. Anyways, she thinks that ordinances that crack down on people who sell stolen precious metals to pawn shops somehow violate our liberty. I don’t even.

Next, there is a date on the SD06 runoff: March 2nd. This will prove to be the REAL contest, and I, for one, cannot wait.

Finally, a few people made it official on their campaigns over the weekend, including Brenda Stardig and Amy Peck, both for District A. I have linked their websites to the “2013/2014 Elections” tab.

District I starts up

I am so surprised that I seem to be the first Houston blogger to break this, but here it goes:

The Chronicle is reporting two candidates for Councilmember James Rodriguez’s seat: Graciana Garces and Leticia Ablaza. Garces is Rodriguez’s chief of staff and I presume the heavy favorite at this point. Ablaza used to work for Councilmember Helena Brown and was insinuated by the Chronicle to have worked for a member of the Texas Supreme Court’s re-election campaign (in the GOP primary, of course {he lost, for the record}).

The Chronicle wrote heavily upon comparing Garces with Rodriguez when he first ran in 2007. Rodriguez was his predecessor’s, Carol Alvarado, Chief of Staff as well. Rodriguez faced no stiff opposition in 2007 and was elected without a run-off, as I recall. Additionally, Ablaza looks like a pretty conservative candidate, I cannot imagine much support in the liberal district.

I can’t find a website for either of these two yet.